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  1. Ebvert

    Hippogriff OC Discussion Thread

    As seen from this thread for making an OC, Griffin was the most voted option, even way before the thread I was already theory-crafting an OC fighter for the game, being a Griffin/Hippogriff, so I'm quite pleased that the most voted option is indeed a Griffin. "Why make a thread for this and not...
  2. Ebvert

    Velvet's Twitch Corner Stream

    Hello there I am Ebvert, if you don't know me already I'm an early backer player from TFH, I made my own community with some players form the beta and then included more from when early acces started, and we've been growing ever since. Started streaming little by little until it became second...
  3. Ebvert

    An actual Ebvert's TFH art thread

    Just doing the normal. As a first piece, try and guess whose eyes are theses: Somebody tell me if there's a soul in the universe that could say no to that face: