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  1. VendiMANS

    TFH at EVO 2019!

    That's great cause the game goes to shine Good luck to all the attendants! I wish I could afford going
  2. VendiMANS

    Aaron Stavely joins Mane6

    The streams are back, baby!
  3. VendiMANS

    Hippogriff OC Discussion Thread

    IMO she doesn't look like Tian that much so you get extra points for originality I really like her mane no pun intended
  4. VendiMANS

    An actual Ebvert's TFH art thread

    Looking great, che
  5. VendiMANS

    Beta's Absolutely Secret Worklog

    wow, really looking forward to it! I wish every fighter had a cool tutorial like gg:Rev, I'm talking to you tekken
  6. VendiMANS

    Enma's Art

    blue eyes white dragon skin ftw
  7. VendiMANS


    I'd prefer eevee as pokemon's new mascot over pikachu any day so I like seeing it as a starter again, but I always found pokemon go's wild "battles" lame, just throw a pokeball. Boring
  8. VendiMANS

    Let's Create A Character! [GRIFFIN FACE PAINT]

    I'm going for male, we need more gender variety
  9. VendiMANS

    Random Art and Critique For Everyone!

    Oh I remember that user, can anybody tell me why was he banished to the hold?
  10. VendiMANS

    Let's Create A Character! [GRIFFIN FACE PAINT]

    Nice I'm going for predator (only two votes ATM, I'm dissapointed) Crocodile. Grappler. Could work
  11. VendiMANS

    Introduce yourself

    Well, better late than never Another argentinian Tian-main, but I'm looking forward to main a grappler if they ever introduce one I consider myself pretty average/above average, I've played many fighting games in the past, mostly kof98 and garou:MOTW on ggpo a few years ago. Funny thing, this...
  12. VendiMANS

    Predator mirror color palette

    I second that at least now we can see how a predator looks like without the default skin
  13. VendiMANS

    Discussion: Iconography

    Can't tell yet, but I'm sure we'll see a foenum icon (or flag) some time in story mode
  14. VendiMANS

    Random Art and Critique For Everyone!

    Hey I really like this hyena dude Now it makes me want a playable hyena, we need playable predators I want that predator
  15. VendiMANS

    Opinions on current game balance?

    Does anyone know if the devs are reading this? or if they are at least aware that half the cast need some more balancing? (I know that story mode is their first priority but still)
  16. VendiMANS

    Online... Matchmaking?

    I don't remember seeing this section before, if it came out of nowhere then it should be a sign that mm might be just around the corner, but I still prefer the pixel lobby 'cause at least you get to choose who you fight. I'd still give it a shot tho
  17. VendiMANS

    Anyone else feel like it's all an uphill battle?

    as a tian main I kinda agree with all that, the thing is that you need to learn to move very fast with her otherwise its game over. You don't get long range magic-free good recover hits like Oleander's air down c or Pom's air c but at least if you land beside the enemy while hitting air c you...
  18. VendiMANS

    Knick Knack - My Original Champion - Portrait Added!

    definitely a yay
  19. VendiMANS

    Knick Knack's Youtube Series! THE ROAD TO GUD

    I think I saw you in one of those lobbies a few days ago but I didn't make an appearance in your vids I wanna make an appearance