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  1. FlutterTal

    Them's Fightin' French Tournament

    Hello everyone! And yeah, as you probably guessed, I'm organizing my first tournament. More precisely, a tournament for french-speaking people (not only people from France). So, why only french-speaking people? Simply because I don't feel ready yet to organize an international tournament. Maybe...
  2. FlutterTal

    Another OC in the community - Tempete

    Hi guys! I know somebody has already introduced their OCs, and that's why I wanted to share mine. And here it is, say hello to Tempete. He's a Thomson's gazelle who use sand and his horns to attack. Speaking of attacks, I'm going to present them to you in the future posts. So stay tuned! ^^
  3. FlutterTal

    Player balancing in Pixel Lobby

    That would be interesting if we can know if the player we're confronting is at the same level. Because I saw some players beating me while I wasn't even ready (really unfair). And on the opposite side, I saw some players that are too easy to beat. In my opinion, the number of wins is...
  4. FlutterTal

    Join the cow herd

    One of us! One of us!