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  1. Salty Beef

    Strange Pixel Lobby wall glitch (Salt Mines)

    So.. yeah. here's a weird glitch. I was just hugging the wall and well.. just look at it! I don't think its a big deal but I just thought I'd mention it.
  2. Salty Beef

    Quit to Desktop And Chat glitch

    Okay so I don't think this first thing is a Bug, it just hasn't come to your attention yet I guess. So I have Two monitors, one of them is a drawing tablet but still, I like to use it as a secondary screen, especially while using Discord, so i can check out the chat and other stuff on it while...
  3. Salty Beef

    Arizona's Rope

    Okay so I've had a few hours with the game now and have been really focusing on Ari. But there's something I sorta noticed about her rope. The hit box seems just a tad bit to far forward at its full length, which makes it feel a bit weird for me to use. I don't know how many countless...
  4. Salty Beef

    The Lone Star State (Harmonycon's goin' on)

    Okay so I guess this thread will be for us people in the Texas area (pretty sure it's considered Midwest or something like that) So if you're in the area and are thinkin' about meeting up with people in the flesh, then speak now, or forever hold yer Beef! Btw, I live in the Dallas area, so...
  5. Salty Beef

    Salty's Art Things - Bread

    okay so I might as well start my own thread to post a few things I make and deem acceptable for public eyeballs (because some things are too garbage looking for ANYONE to see) so I'll post some pics and hopefully, if I can figure out how to make it work, post some small animations (first time...