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  1. Enma

    Video Things

    Typical Enma Vs Leg Horse randoms goofiness (yep, we both hit random and we both got Oleander). It's something that happened on stream and I edited a bit for easier consumption.
  2. Enma

    Better Magic Metters

    There's this one thing that causes me a lot of frustration: sometimes a section of the magic meter will appear to be full but it really isn't, probably missing less than a pixel so the game can't show it; and since I'm very reliant on the snowflakes sometimes it completely messes my combos up...
  3. Enma

    Enma's Art

    Hello! I'm Enma. I draw and play music. I made this picture of Velvet (that some of you might have already seen on twitter?) But other than that I don't really have any TFH fanart. Maybe I'll make some more Velvet pictures in the future. Most of my pictures area Lawyer Friendly Equines related, but I also draw...