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  1. Korencz11

    Shatter is Over Powered and this is why

    After the recent patch, it has occurred to me that not everyone understands why exactly they hate Shatter (A & C specifically), so today I'm going to clear that up. Shatter A is a back-swaying, high-crushing, 3/4ths of the screen, lingering low that can be cancelled into snowballs and linked...
  2. Korencz11

    I'm losing faith in this game.

    So, before I get all the negative comments of the maybe ~10 or so people remaining on this site, I'd like to preface that I backed this game and have been a beta player for a long time. I started with this game as my first fighting game, and quite honestly, I'm thinking about dropping it. I...
  3. Korencz11

    Whose line is it anyway?

    :arigrin:A game where the points are made up and- :aricool:Oh wait no, that's not what the purpose of this thread is. Anyways, I wanted to see if we could get a running tally of who says what so we can have written quotes listed somewhere. From memory of today, (Which may not be accurate in some...
  4. Korencz11

    Ideal character: The Rhino, Knight in Shining Armor

    After thinking about it in the Animals for fighter archetypes thread, I've come up with an entire character based around the idea of armored attacks and counters. Rhino is literally a knight in shining armor and acts as a kind of guardian to it's kind. Unlike Pom & Ari in their own stories...
  5. Korencz11

    Koren makes Art stuff

    I didn't start use this place for anything but checking for beta updates until recently, but now that I'm here I figure I might try and spread my stuff around. Half of it is fan art for this game anyways, I figure somebody here will enjoy it. I have more than just this, which you can find here...