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  1. super hurricane

    TFH is big in Japan...

    Not sure of anyone can translate what's going on, but the folks playing it are super excited trying it out and showing it off to their rather large fanbase of subscribers. Perhaps they are also partaking in the Online EVO tournament?
  2. super hurricane

    IGN Official TFH Review

    Apparently they really like it, save for the small amount of people in various lobbies and that there's only 6 characters so far. But I'm sure that'd change soon enough.
  3. super hurricane

    TFH Cartoon Series

    It's not mine, but a person called ReviveTFH is making a series of shorts regarding the game on YT. Here's the trailer if you want to look into it.
  4. super hurricane

    Other Fighting Game Tourneys?

    Now that the Combo Breaker thing has been posted on twitch, will TFH be submitted to the other big tournaments this year? And if so, which ones are being looked at right now, both in the US and around the world?
  5. super hurricane

    E3 2018 Trailers/Reviews

    As per usual, this area is for any games during the E3 next week that stand out for you, as well as to discuss them. I'll probably post a few of them here as well. Nintendo: FULL Nintendo Direct Press Conference - E3 2018 X-Box: (Fallout 76 seems interesting btw) PS4: Ubisoft: Square...
  6. super hurricane

    Opening Cinematic?

    Given into account some players are wondering why the equines are fighting to begin with, perhaps a short skippable film at the start is in order? It doesn't have to be animated though... I'll demonstrate a example. Though you guys can also make one if you feel like it. (scene starts at a cave...
  7. super hurricane

    Hahcon 2018 Gaming Meetup

    HAHcon Apparently it will be going on from 8 pm to 10 or so on March 3rd. Though according to Crowne Prince, they need someone to host a lobby for everyone. And of course, anyone who bought the game is welcome in it, as it will be streamed live for all. Check the 'About' link in the link I...
  8. super hurricane

    E3 Trailers/Reviews 2017

    Seeing that E3 will be up in 8 days or so, and that SpikeTV is not televising it this year (for whatever reason), I figure we may as well put up a topic to display links to games that impress us this year, as well as thoughts/reviews of the trailers coming out. Hopefully KH3 will be one of them...
  9. super hurricane

    Hurricane Matthew

    Just to be sure, but is anyone getting prepared for that at all, given there's less than 21 hours before it hits Florida and moves upwards? I'm in the Midwest, so I'm just wondering if anyone here is on the East Coast. That way, all of us can at least stay in touch and report what's going on...
  10. super hurricane

    Oh Regular Show, We'll miss ya.

    Canceled, Renewed or Ending? For some odd reason, Regular Show and Adventure Time are being pulled (along with some other shows), which puzzles me a bit given there's so much unanswered questions about both shows and that they always seemed to have decent episodes with strong morals. Seriously...
  11. super hurricane

    Five Nights at Freddys?

    So, basically the creator has died seconds after Baby introduced herself in the darkness with her glowing eyes in FNAF World. From what we gather, sections of her face separate showing her mechanical parts as she lunges for a death scare, as well as the fact she has her own minions who have...
  12. super hurricane

    E3 Trailers/Reviews

    Give E3 is going to be available June 14 to 16, I figured we may as well have a place to discuss what games they will have up, as well as post the trailers/gameplay of what is posted on YouTube and such so we can review each and give our opinion on the games. Anyone interested?
  13. super hurricane

    FactionRP] Area 4 [Predators]

    It was said that this island was not normal, a eternally burning furnace in which even the rocks melted and melded for what seemed like millennia. Shaped like a hamburger bun, the 1 mile-wide in diameter island had only one opening in the center big enough for a elephant to get through, but was...
  14. super hurricane

    Game-related Movies?

    Given that Ratchet and Clank is kinda in a deep funk at the moment, what does this ay about the future of movies based on games in general? Will there be enough of a fanbase to at least make the Warcraft movie seem worth the millions put into it? Or Sly Cooper? Is it because Wreck-It Ralph was...
  15. super hurricane

    When AIs go bad....

    Microsoft temporarily kills AI chatbot Tay after it goes full Nazi It's stuff like this that make me worry about humanity as a whole, if programmers insist on creating AI that 'thinks' like a human. Given the latest models of robots that take on human form as well as the increase in drones, I...
  16. super hurricane

    Now this is a odd one....

    A Mysterious Sea Creature Washed Ashore In Mexico Given that not too long ago, a meteorite fell down close to that area, I'm curious if this creature may be a result of it. Or maybe it's a new predatory species that has surfaced due to the climate change in the water. We should also use this...
  17. super hurricane

    Fav Abridged Series?

    Simply put, talk about and post links to what you believe are the best abridged series and their episodes in general. Make a list of the episode links in your post if you want...given that sooner or later, the bots will erase them given not even fair use is a option.
  18. super hurricane

    What is justice?

    Simply put, how many innocent people have been put away due to faulty evidence or false witnesses? How many cold cases are there left untouched due to the interference of higher powers? Better yet, how many police officers be accountable for their actions should they abuse their power to hurt...