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  1. OCisbestungulate

    Thems Tabletop Herds 3rd Anniversary Festival!

    Hello everyone! Thems' Tabletop Herds is proud to announce our third annual festival! For those of you who might not know, TTH is a Them's Fightin' Herds fan-made Discord server based on teaching and playing Dungeons and Dragons and D&D-like games (for example Pathfinder). It's our tradition to...
  2. OCisbestungulate

    The new pixle lobbies

    Ayyyy, they dope. Thanks Mane6. I love that I can swim and :Tianhuo:looks like some kinda sea serpent when she does. Also those jump animations are pretty cute. Additionally, can we be able to go into some of the buildings in Reine City? It's a silly little thing, but I really liked it.
  3. OCisbestungulate

    Quick lore question: Oli's mother

    Is the High Priestess of the Order of the Horn :oleander:'s mother? The book of lore doesn't explicitly say one way or the other. It implies it, but it would be nice to have some official clarification one way or the other.
  4. OCisbestungulate

    Quick lore question: Where is north?

    And by that I mean: Is Rein at the North Pole? Or is the North Pole just an empty land of ice far to the north of that city?
  5. OCisbestungulate

    Thems Tabletop Herds!

    Well hello! We're the Thems Tabletop Herds discord, and like it says on the tin, we're all about tabletop gaming. "But wait!" You may say, "What is tabletop?" For our server, we mostly mean tabletop RPGs (also known as Pen and Paper RPGs) such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, URealms...
  6. OCisbestungulate

    This character is dope, and you should feel dope for playing her

    And by dope I mean amazing. Because she is. Let us discuss her dopeness. Like, how she's the only actual professional warrior among these soft and squishy punks. Or about how she has one of the best taunts in the game.
  7. OCisbestungulate

    Thems Tabletop Herds Discord Attack

    I have sad news to report, but the Thems Tabletop Herds discord got attacked, and we lost almost everything. That said, this is not the end. While it is sad that most of what we have worked to create is now gone, this allows us a grand opportunity to rebuild what we've made and to do it even...
  8. OCisbestungulate

    Just a quick lore question.

    So, I've been running off the idea that the predators vanished 1,000 years before the start of the game. However, I recently browsed over the Books of Lore, and found that the only time frame mentioned is that the Magic of Light has been hiding and keeping safe the Unicorns for a thousand years...
  9. OCisbestungulate

    Thems' Tabletop Herds 1 Year Anniversy Festival!

    Hello everyone! Nearly a year ago, a discord server was created for fans of Tabeltop games like D&D and Pathfinder to meet, discuss and play said games. Well, come the 23rd of November, that humble server will turn One Year Old! And we're gonna celebrate the way only tabletop nerds can: By...
  10. OCisbestungulate

    Internet Social Gatherings (AKA: Who's got a Discord Server/Skype Room/Whatever)

    So I was wondering, who's a part of a server/room/chat/etc... that's dedicated to TFHs? And on what platform/program?
  11. OCisbestungulate

    Forum RP Recap Thread

    So, we in the RP sector have been going at it for quite a while now. And, as a result, several things have happened. This thread is for the purpose of providing a concise recap of those events, as well as the characters involved in them. This is not an actual RP thread itself. Rather, a primer...
  12. OCisbestungulate

    TFHs D&D (5e) Campaign

    So, after much though, I'm going to be swinging the bat on this. Edit: this post has been modified from its original version, and may be subject to further alterations as the need to update it arises. It was mentioned before the idea of playing a TFHs table top game, and I've finally decided...
  13. OCisbestungulate

    Diggin' the Spooky Theme Mane6

    Looks quite nice, and was quite the pleasant, or should I say unpleasant, surprise! *insert outrageously energetic organ music and crazed laughter here*
  14. OCisbestungulate

    Story Thread: Operation Stolen Wool

    Once again, from the RP sector of these wonderful forums, another story has been born. However, this time, as one grand team we have constructed and created a story that was authored by many hooves, rather then one! Therefore, for those who want to see and read what has transpired, and lack the...
  15. OCisbestungulate

    Story Thread: The Battle of Unruliness

    If you have been in the dark sector that is the RP threads, you may have seen that in one of them RP shenanigans unfolded and a story happened. Then, a sucker was picked (okay, a sucker volunteered) to put the story into words. And so I did. So. Many. Words. Seriously, why was a single battle...
  16. OCisbestungulate


    Come on, you know you exist, fans of HatofulBoyfriend! Come, let us discuss the marvel that is this game. As a note, I've started playing it myself, and I've gotten two endings thus far.
  17. OCisbestungulate

    Armored Core

    Are there any AC fans out there? What kind of rig did you like to use? Which of the games did you like best? I was always find of the big clunkers. Not so much the full-on tank rigs, but heavy legs and big guns. As for which game, Ilike AC3 the most, with 5 coming in behind it (even if there...
  18. OCisbestungulate

    The TFHs Original Character Thread

    With the development of lore and characters, it is inevitable that some fans create characters of their own design. A few have already cropped up, and we all knew it was simply a matter of time until they would. So, here is the thread to show them off! Is your OC (original character) a reindeer...
  19. OCisbestungulate


    Because this thread needed to be made.
  20. OCisbestungulate

    Anyone doing commsions?

    You know, in case you good drawfriends don't already have enough on your plate :p