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  1. Rich Jammer

    TFH Tournament at SEAPonyCon 2019 (MANILA, PHILIPPINES)

    Art by Ogara Hey everyone, A few of us in the Asia TFH community will be holding a tournament at SEAPonyCon. SEAPonyCon will be holding their event at Manila this year on the 30th of November to the 1st of December (Sat-Sun) at the Penthouse floor of the Marc 2000 Tower in Malate, Manila...
  2. Rich Jammer

    Who Do You Main? (beta release)

    I noticed during the Foenatics streams that alot of people play Paprika and Tianhuo. So i wanted to see if it's just that the players there tend to play Paprika or Tianhuo, especially since we get alot of returning players. Or if they're choices represent most of the population of TFH beta...
  3. Rich Jammer

    TFH Fan Video Stream/ Video Highlights

    Hey everyone, I am currently working on a video which is a montage of some fan videos. It will be Part 4 of my TFH development recap series of videos. I would greatly appreciate it if you can post your archived streams or Youtube etc videos here and mark for me the time stamp of the part of the...
  4. Rich Jammer

    LockeRobster and Rich Jammer's Confusing Comic Collab

    Me and @LockeRobster collaborated together to bring you this comic. I asked him to collab with me back in 6 March, 2016. The long delay was mostly on my part of being lazy and postponing this little project. So here's the end result of over a years worth of work. Written by me and sketched out...
  5. Rich Jammer

    (April Fools Joke) A Quick Look Back at the Work Streams 11 to 16

    This video down here is an April Fools joke if you didn't get it from the changed title.
  6. Rich Jammer

    Them's Fightin' Herds Development Recap Video Series

    Can I suggest new comers check out these vids? They are basically a montage of highlights from all the work streams. The below videos are a Quick Look Back at the Indiegogo Campaign, the 1st Year Anniversary, and the last few work streams, edited together by me. Other videos will become...
  7. Rich Jammer

    Them’s Fightin’ Herds Frequently Asked Questions

    Disclaimer: All the questions are written as though they are addressed to Mane6 directly and not to me, Rich Jammer, who is not a member of Mane6 staff. They are answered by me, so please do not regard this FAQ as gospel. As most of the questions do not have a definitive answer they will be...
  8. Rich Jammer

    Fighting Game Community Vernacular

    As I am not part of the Fighting Game Community I am mostly confused by some of the jargon used by people when they talk fighting games. Like for example, a few months ago I was told to "go ham" and I was like "wha?" I think it was Cam who told me. Heh heh, Jam was told by Cam to go Ham...
  9. Rich Jammer

    TFH Character Music Playlist

    If you could imagine any/all TFH characters with MP3 players, record, CD, cassete collections what songs would their playlists/mixtapes have in them? Or if you can make a playlist/mixtape for the characters, what songs would you put in them? My selections are below. You don't have to put joke...
  10. Rich Jammer

    Iconic Licensed Game Tracks

    Do you guys have a licensed track that when you hear it on the radio, it comes up on the band's album, or it comes up on your playlist that your mind immediately goes to a specific game? Or if the track was removed from the game it wouldn't feel the same? Well, there are a few songs which were...
  11. Rich Jammer

    Betelgeuse Studios (Update: 300% Confirmed not Affiliated with TFH)

    Update: For people just reading this first post, it has been confirmed that Betelgeuse Studios is not the publisher for Them's Fightin' Herds and is no way affiliated in away way with Them's Fightin' Herds or Mane6, Inc. It is just a possible troll post. Original Post: I was searching the term...
  12. Rich Jammer

    Uncharted Series

    Anyone planning to get Uncharted 4 and play some multiplayer? I was super good in Uncharted 2 multiplayer. I was decent in Uncharted 3 multiplayer.
  13. Rich Jammer

    Captain America Civil War

    I'm just gonna post this here since someone's bound to post about it eventually. My opinion, it was good. Really good.
  14. Rich Jammer

    TFH Emoticons

    Question: What do you call an edgy Transformer? Answer: You call them an Emoticon. OK back on topic. I remember reading somewhere that they wished there were TFH emoticons. I was too lazy to search exactly where but whatever. Until we get official ones I've made these ones from the art assets...
  15. Rich Jammer

    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

    Saw this game on Sale and picked it up. Barely played it cause I'm playing another game as of writing. I remember someone telling me that this is a good game to learn for playing TFH. So that's a good motivation to play this.
  16. Rich Jammer

    Have You Ever Crowdfunded a Game Before/During the TFH Indiegogo Campaign?

    This question applies to successful, failed, and cancelled campaigns. Examples Of Crowd Funded games include: - Mighty Number 9 - Shen Mue 3 - Broken Age - Star Citizen - Shadows of the Eternals This question is specifically for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, fig, etc video game funding only. And...
  17. Rich Jammer

    First Fightin' Game(s) You've Ever Played

    Probably the first I can vaguely remember was playing Virtua Fighter on an arcade machine at Gitex, maybe 1993 or 1994. All I remember it was a 3D polygonal fighting game. Most likely it was Vitua Fighter. Afterwards it was Mortal Kombat 2 on the PC in 1995. Man, I still remember that we had to...
  18. Rich Jammer

    Getting Your Controller To Work for Skullgirls on Mac

    Edit: the file gamecontrollerdb.txt does not exist in the Windows version. So this is for Mac and Linux (I think, I can't confirm) I am writing this thread mostly because it took me personally 3 hours trying to get my controller to work with Skullgirls. At first I tried a program to bind my...
  19. Rich Jammer

    Charity Donation Suggestions

    Hey all, My friend wants to donate USD 50.00/- to a charity. He is looking for suggestions. Do you guys know any good charities?
  20. Rich Jammer

    Rich's Recorded Recreations and Jampacked Joke Journals

    Update: I'll put videos in here as well. Yeah, just call this the trash bin cause I'll just dump my art down here. TFH Crowd Funding Pics TFH Comics Other TFH Junk NON TFH STUFF