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  1. Kioku

    So how exactly would Paprika fight?

    Brawl largely does that kind of thing because it's not a typical fighting game. It's to some extent a party game and is designed to be light and fun so all kinds of people can play it with their friends.
  2. Kioku

    You're SPECIAL!

    I'm not sure anyone was doing 28. the first added to 35 and he/she just said to basically rate attributes 1-10. maybe I should have used base totals from the game or from D&D though. I just rated what I'd give each from 1-10. Well my total was 26 so it was close the right number anyway than I...
  3. Kioku

    You're SPECIAL!

    I don't think I'd be a good judge but I'll guess Strength - 3 Perception - 2 Endurance - 4 Charisma - 3 Intelligence - 8 Agility - 1 Luck - 5 (as humans shouldn't it be 5 for everyrone ;p ) ... yeah pretty bad stats overall. Hehe.
  4. Kioku

    Them's fightin' herds IRL

    It looks like they cuddle at the end... hehe cute. On an aside.. well... it looks like some sheep wasn't too confident in the flock's chosen hero >_> ... ... and, unsurprisingly, the flock copies: On a more positive note, I think we have an alliance after that cuddling (it even has her new...
  5. Kioku

    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    Has an amusing username.
  6. Kioku

    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    Apparently likes to write.
  7. Kioku

    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    Says nice things to people on forums : ) Thank you.
  8. Kioku

    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    Uses the word jibes. I'm not possitive whether I've heard that word before.
  9. Kioku

    Question & Answer

    I have no clue but there's a restaurant called supdog. I'm not a fan of it. What is the last restaurant you've been to (as far as you can remember) ?
  10. Kioku

    Word Association Game

  11. Kioku

    When AIs go bad....

    Just to be perfectly clear, what that was doing did not approach anything near free will. I'm guessing you knew that, but just making sure. It's just an attempt at learning natural language. Neural nets can create nice models but don't really understand things in any way we'd consider understanding.
  12. Kioku

    Real Life Crafting

    aw, that's pretty neat. It reminds me of the shadow boxes some people make. I haven't seen one for TFH yet.
  13. Kioku

    Word Association Game

  14. Kioku

    Word Association Game

    steak (why did I think that in response to cheese... I'm a vegitarian and have been for 20 years... o-O )
  15. Kioku


    I love it : )
  16. Kioku


    Maybe I shouldn't post this here, but I'm a fan of the comics and I was actually really really disappointed by the movie. Oh well.
  17. Kioku


    I've seen those except for the Velvet one. Man they are beautiful!!!! I think the Velvet is the best work : )
  18. Kioku

    Artsy's Sketch Corner

    Really nice work!
  19. Kioku

    (Game) Super Powers

    You don't get to choose your own side. The power to make an area be dark or light at will.
  20. Kioku

    Colective Story Telling

    To be honest, I wasn't quite sure what I should be doing next at this point, but after all those odd dreams and hallucinations I was really beginning to wonder and worry about who brought me into this factory after I passed out outside.