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  1. $Bison

    [Forum Game] Assume more, Question Lore

    This forum game is like an exercise in world-building. A simplistic form of fanfiction. Rules: Questions and Answers must pertain to Them Fighting Herds. The same player can't answer their own question. For flow purposes, please keep answers around 1-4 sentences long. The fun part is head canon...
  2. $Bison

    "Boss" versions of characters

    Similar to unlimited characters in Blazblue, would characters have more powerful playable versions of themselves, and if so, how would they play? What if Oleander always had Fred active throughout the whole fight, Velvet gets slower projectiles that are larger with multiple hits, and Arizona...
  3. $Bison

    Doodles Done Daftly

    Fun fact: Had to go to the toy store to look at plastic horses for head angle references. Since I spent so much time on the head, the pose itself came out... boring? I mean, c'mon, how does one draw a "wizard-like gesture" with a hoof?