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  1. SnickerDoodle25

    Instant Blocking... ᴸᵉᵗ'ˢ ᵍᵒ ᴶᵘˢᵗᶦⁿ

    I was in training mode, trying to find what Instant Block can work against. I found if you backdash after blocking Oleanders 5B it's possible to hit them before a 5C (and a 2C, but you'd get hit by it if you attack too late). I also tried to see if it would work against a Tianhuo blockstring...
  2. SnickerDoodle25

    Cancelling Launcher into Different Moves

    So I was training mode practicing Arizona combos, and accidentally did an overhead. Out of curiosity I tried the same thing with Oleander's overhead, which later evolved into me testing out if everyone can cancel their launcher into a command normal or special. To do this for command normals...