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  1. Kailoulou

    Crash Inducing Bug

    So I was recently in the pixel lobby having fights with a couple of my friends and then almost immediately we are greeted by this error message: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/416353571802447882/430890369794703360/unknown.png?width=1163&height=677 (Image was from one of my friends who...
  2. Kailoulou

    Velvet Praising

    Can we truly praise Velvet for all her fluffiness? (I looked all over the forums and I couldn't find a place to find to ask this)
  3. Kailoulou

    Some Youtube Memetages?

    So recently, I've been playing TFH. I decided to record my experiences and then throw in some memes because why the heck not. I love the game and especially velvet (I mean it isn't like shes waifu number two and my main). I thought I would post my "memetage" on here. Any feebdack is much...