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Search results

  1. AuruM

    R.I.P. Sun shower variant for Pom stage

    Agreed, this was a nice little unique touch.
  2. AuruM

    TFHs D&D (5e) Campaign

    Ah, good to know it didn't affect everyone and was able to bounce back. Much appreciated!
  3. AuruM

    TFHs D&D (5e) Campaign

    Is the Discord server no more? You guys migrate to a new one?
  4. AuruM

    TFHs D&D (5e) Campaign

    Did the last session get recorded? It's not available on YouTube yet, and it doesn't seem to be rewatchable on Twitch anymore, either :o
  5. AuruM

    Them's Fightin' Herds: Backers' Beta starts May 25

    Just having dinner, then I'll be all over it~
  6. AuruM

    Highly unlikely scenario but a fun idea regardless

    Or a deconstruction where you play as Paprika, and are oblivious to the other characters rejecting your advances at every turn :p
  7. AuruM

    TFHs D&D (5e) Campaign

    Finally caught up on the past two sessions, the narrative keeps getting more intriguing. Stellar work on the worldbuilding and the mounting sense of mystery, OC! I have to wonder, if the longsword IO found was, from a meta point of view, designed for some kind of biped, what would a longsword...
  8. AuruM

    Lobby chat, profanity filter and more

    I'm still all for censored cuss words being accompanied by barnyard animal sounds, despite the fact that this would only incentivise people to trigger the filter :p
  9. AuruM

    TFHs D&D (5e) Campaign

    Unfortunately, there seem to have been some audio issues with the last stream - OCisbestungulate comes through fine, but everyone else sounds extremely faint: Were there any other recorders who had better luck?
  10. AuruM

    TFHs D&D (5e) Campaign

    Just caught the recording on Twitch, great stuff guys. Looking forward to watching a full-length session next time if all goes well :D
  11. AuruM

    TFHs D&D (5e) Campaign

    Loving the colourful cast of characters too, great work on the art KYMSnowman! If I'm online at the time (that'd be from 7:00-10:00 am where I am) I may come and spectate, but if not, I look forward to reading the highlights here :D
  12. AuruM

    TFH Character Music Playlist

    The obvious for Arizona - Morricone Western themes :D Adding to those $Bison has posted: E per Tetto un Cielo di Stelle (A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof) Il Mercenario (The Mercenary) - L'Arena Le Pistole Non Discutono (Bullets Don't Argue) Some tracks by bands I like that draw from this...
  13. AuruM

    Can Fred be trusted?

    I could see Fred not being trustworthy and genuinely being more bad than neutral, using Oleander with an ulterior motive that if fulfilled would be bad for Foenum, some possiblities being escaping the binds of the Unicornomicon to wreak havok or mischief, and/or making Oleander a thrall directly...
  14. AuruM

    Introduce yourself

    Hey, I'm AuruM, an Australian Lawyer Friendly Equines fan and a guy who mucks around with music production occasionally. I have little real experience with traditional combo-based fighting games, but I'm likely going to try to get a feel for Skullgirls before release so I'm not coming into TFH as a complete genre...