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  1. Erkicman

    [Website Bug] mane6.com SSL certificate expired

    Yeah, I got this too
  2. Erkicman

    Other Fighting Game Tourneys?

    There's a side tournament being held at CEO2018. Not sure how streaming and recording are gonna be handled there though.
  3. Erkicman

    TFH at Combo Breaker 2018 [UPDATED - Side Tourney Application Accepted]

    Wow, I didn't think he was ever THAT against this game. That being said, this isn't really as much a change of heart as it is something Sp00ky will be doing for all of the official community side tournaments at the event.
  4. Erkicman

    TFH at Combo Breaker 2018 [UPDATED - Side Tourney Application Accepted]

    Okay, edited the above post again, but for people asking about streams/recordings earlier: Top 3 - 4 of TFH at Combo Breaker will be recorded and broadcast on TeamSp00ky on a later date.
  5. Erkicman

    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

    It really only is NRS who puts joke names in their code in case anyone tries to datamine their stuff. Anyways, as someone who got the deluxe edition, it's nice to know what I bought
  6. Erkicman

    TFH at Combo Breaker 2018 [UPDATED - Side Tourney Application Accepted]

    Hey guys! Edited my previous post, but 2 things that I'm pleased to announce: 1) We now have enough setups to increase our player cap to 24 people! Thank you to everyone who helped out - Lizardman301, FF|Songhacker, and PAG.BlackAtlus! 2) FF|Songhacker and I will provide a combined $200 pot...
  7. Erkicman

    TFH at Combo Breaker 2018 [UPDATED - Side Tourney Application Accepted]

    Hi everyone, I am pleased to formally announce more details on the official TFH Side Tournament at Combo Breaker! We have space set aside in the BYOC Area, Friday, May 25th, 2:00 PM. Sign up online at Challonge: Combo Breaker 2018 TFH Side Tournament - Standings - Challonge Please only sign...
  8. Erkicman

    TFH at Combo Breaker 2018 [UPDATED - Side Tourney Application Accepted]

    What I'll try to do is record at least the top 4, hopefully top 8 and upload the matches to Youtube. Also, I am not really expecting to have to explain the game to a majority of participants. My expectation is that a lot of these players will at least be familiar with what's in Early Access...
  9. Erkicman

    TFH at Combo Breaker 2018 [UPDATED - Side Tourney Application Accepted]

    Hi all, so I was notified today that Combo Breaker will set aside time and space for a TFH side tournament. Will update as soon as an official time has been locked in, and when I have any additional information to share. A couple of things: - We will be given 2.5 hours to run the tournament...
  10. Erkicman

    Your own Intro/Outro dialouge

    :arizona:: Ah'm ready for muh lesson, T-I-A-N-W-OOO! :Tianhuo:: It's CHIEN-HWAH! CHIEN-HWAH! Pronounce it wrong again, and I'll take your horns and grind them into medicine!
  11. Erkicman

    TFH In The Media

    This article is surprisingly readable if you use Chrome's translate option. ハロー!Steam広場 第193回:見た目はマイリトルポニーだけど,中身はGUILTY GEARばりのコンボゲー「Them's Fightin' Herds」
  12. Erkicman

    Tag-team Battles

    I know it's humanoids instead of animals, but Skullgirls would really be up your alley here. A lot of the TFH feel is there, the pushblock is there, it actually allows you to choose to 1, 2, or 3 characters to put on a team.
  13. Erkicman

    How much should I rely on Pom's air C?

    It's only a noob trap if you use it irresponsibly, i.e. if you continue to spam it even when it's clear the opponent knows the counter and can execute the counter. It's only a noob trap if you don't understand how the move fits into your overall gameplan (which, it fits into a lot of Pom's...
  14. Erkicman

    Velvet Tricks

    I'm REALLY liking your Whoosh ideas.
  15. Erkicman

    TFH In The Media

    Just one of many beautiful ideas that new players bring to the game
  16. Erkicman

    How is the game actually performing sales wise?

    This should give you a bit of insight on this Them's Fightin' Herds -
  17. Erkicman

    Popular YouTubers Playing?

    Okay, so I don't know what the context is, but Team Four Star (of DBZ Abridged fame) is streaming TFH today.
  18. Erkicman

    Tianhuo in-game visuals

    From a fighting game standpoint, I feel that putting those kinds of dynamic lighting effects on the character model would be really distracting when it comes to seeing where her sprite is and trying to hit her. There are already fire effects on some of her attacks, and combining that with full...