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Search results

  1. Erkicman

    Rundowns of AI Training Mode Options?

    Has anyone ever posted a rundown of what the AI options do in Training Mode? I'm particularly interested in what the (Advanced) Alpha and (Advanced) Gamma options do. If no one else has done this, I can start trying to break it down. Seems like a fun diversion when I need to take a break...
  2. Erkicman

    TFH at Combo Breaker 2018 [UPDATED - Side Tourney Application Accepted]

    Hi all, For those who don't know, Combo Breaker is one of the 3 most successful and well-run Fighting Game majors in the US, along with CEO and EVO. For those games that don't get featured on EVO's main stage, such as Killer Instinct or Skullgirls, Combo Breaker is basically their EVO. So it...
  3. Erkicman

    TFH at Frosty Faustings X

    Hi all, Real quick, I'm planning to go to Frosty Faustings X this year (Frosty Faustings), and I'm planning to get a TFH Beta setup going in the casuals area of the place. If anybody here is planning to go as well, would you be interested if I were to hold a free-to-enter side tournament of the...