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Search results

  1. Alevgor

    Salt mines progression.

    Location: Salt Mines. Description: if you are caught by a predator when you are about to open a chest, a fight with that predator will happen but it won't count towards difficulty progression (because predator should be destroyed by opening the chest?).
  2. Alevgor

    Oleander: Magic Fel Spark Interaction

    Location: during the mirror Oleander fight. If Oleanders simultaneously launch magic fel spark with different amount of magic charges, this will happen:
  3. Alevgor

    Empty Pixel lobby list

    Either it is bugged or no one hosts lobbies anymore. I don't know. :olliesad: Before recent patch I did not have any problems with lobbies btw.
  4. Alevgor

    Pixel lobby sprite modification

    As you probably know, it's almost impossible to change the sprites of characters in the combat mode of the game. On the other hand, for a pixel lobby this is not difficult. You can change almost any image (character sprites, accessories, backgrounds) and observe the result in the game. For...
  5. Alevgor

    Arcade mode ending screens

    Don't know if intentional or not, but currently ending screens aren't showing after beating arcade mode. Tested on Oleander.
  6. Alevgor

    I draw fan art. Sometimes.

    I made most of my TFH fan art during crowdfunding campain to raise hype levels: And this is more recent one I made for Rich ("a cute art of Paprika swimming around like a duck"):