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  1. CamTSB

    "Hey, my controller isn't working!" - Troubleshooting Guide

    "Help! My controller isn't working!" TFH Controller Troubleshooting Guide: Hey there, I'm Cam, QA and Community Manager for Mane6, and if there's one thing I see cropping up more and more, it's people having issues with their controllers. Luckily enough, there's a few pretty easy ways to get...
  2. CamTSB

    Official Discord Server

    Hey there everyone, Cam here! Some of you may know me from just hanging around here on the forums, or even from my unofficial discord server. With the inclusion of Aaron into our ranks as Production Manager, we've done some restructuring and advancements within the team in order to make us that...
  3. CamTSB

    Pixel Lobby Server Hosting/Setup Guide

    Pixel Lobby Server Hosting/Setup Guide Step One: Port-forwarding Most of the time, in order for people to join your server, you will need to port forward. There's lots of port forwarding guides out there. You can search for them in google. Here's wikihow's: How to Set Up Port Forwarding on a...
  4. CamTSB

    Cam's Notation and Input Primer

    A quick point, this guide will be a pretty basic level explanation of inputs and notation, and thus will not likely help anyone but players new to the genre. As TFH will be an extremely good starting place for people who haven't played fighting games seriously before, I figure it is a perfect...
  5. CamTSB

    World of Warcraft

    So let's. Talk. WoW. I have spent my time on WoW in the past, a lot of it was spent doing WotLK content because Wrath was when I started getting serious about the PvE content. Haven't played much since then but with Legion on the horizon I have gotten myself entangled in the stuff again...
  6. CamTSB

    Community Discord Server

    Hey there everyone, Cam here, QA for Mane6. For a little while now I've had a bit of a community Discord group together for people who are interested in TFH and would like to play some other games in the meantime with other like-minded people. This server is also the Official Server for TFH...
  7. CamTSB


    I see a Dota thread, so here's my Smite thread! I generally am a mid laner, but am exceedingly flexible in my role placement, but if you want things done, put me in that middle. We got this. Do people here play Smite? What roles and Gods do you guys like? Anyone take this game anywhere near as...
  8. CamTSB

    What fgs do you play?

    Since we're all empty up in the FG spot, might as well let me take the first shot! Alright everyone, hit me up. What FGs do you play? What are your favourites? What do you play, but dislike? What kinds of mechanics do you enjoy in FGs?