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Search results

  1. Pegapnea

    Input Lag Bug

    These forums seem dead, but I figured this is a better place to put this than the discord. For at least a few weeks now, I've had a nasty, persistent, and completely random bug where online games respond late to my inputs. The exact nature of the bug is this: when I hit any input, the game...
  2. Pegapnea

    I need help with Ari vs Tian

    I just can't figure out this matchup. I don't want to get into whether or not things are balanced; but, maybe because of the way I'm playing, it certainly feels like it's not. From a blocking position, all I can do is pushblock, pushblock, pushblock. If I don't, she can openly choose to...
  3. Pegapnea

    A More Co-op Focused Salt Mine

    I've seen people express the sentiment that they want the salt mines to be a little more co-op friendly. I agree with this, and my other gripe is the accessibility of the mines. If there's good players in the server, the price to enter is usually way above the amount of salt I have; because the...
  4. Pegapnea

    Crash related to Panther predator

    • Location of Bug: In a fight with the panther predator just after entering the salt mines. • Description: At a seemingly random time in the match, the screen froze and the game stopped responding. I had to tab out of the game and manually close the application. • Screenshot: Didn't think to...
  5. Pegapnea

    It comes tomorrow! Who will be your first character?

    ...not world destruction permitting, of course. For those of you who aren't beta testers like me, which character will you play as for your very first game? Also made a poll for the heck of it. I'll probably play Arizona first, even though I think I'll main Oleander. Arizona seems the easiest...