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Search results

  1. Eliah Pickford

    Story thing: Three Little Sheep that Feared Sundown

    Still work in progress with only 10 chapters done. Posting them here to see what people think of it. Comments a criticism are welcome.
  2. Eliah Pickford

    Project I've been working on...

    For the past couple months, after I made the Ghost Stories, I've been working on another story. It's not a short one, got about 10 chapters out with more to follow. It's based on Shadow of the Wolf and centers on three sheep. Might start posting chapters at some point. Been doing stuff off...
  3. Eliah Pickford

    So, show of hands or equivalents....

    ...did anyone expect to find a reference to Akuma in the recent update?
  4. Eliah Pickford

    What will the predators story look like in the finished game?

    I know I keep pondering ideas, mostly for stories, but I wonder what the official version will look like in the end? The simple: "The predator is a threat to all sentient beings" The pragmatic: "We need the meat, and none willingly part with their flesh" The esoteric: "What feeds will live...
  5. Eliah Pickford

    Headcannon related bits "Ghost Stories"

    Some smaller stories I imagined related to the headcannon I wrote.
  6. Eliah Pickford

    Wulver Headcannon 8/19/2019 may as well date this too

    This is the headcannon I was working on first, that would lead me to looking for official predator lore. Yes, it all started with the idea of Wolves catching fish...
  7. Eliah Pickford

    Predator lore headcannon 05/08/2019 may as well date it

    Not sure if any have made their own detailed fan ideas for the predators, but here's mine. Built from whatever came to mind. It will be a few posts, centered on the 5 main sorts. The wolves, the cougars, the snakes, the bears, and the alligators. I'm not going to elaborate much on The...