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  1. Franzyd

    Well, Super Smash Bros is now confirmed.

    In the March 8th Nintendo Direct, at the very end Nintendo announced a new Smash with the Inklings as playable characters coming this year. Of course, one obligatory word: HYYYYYYPE What are your thoughts? You hype? How will TFH compare to it?
  2. Franzyd

    Nintendo Pro Controller Support (It works!)

    Goodday! I'm a fanboy of Nintendo and the only controller I have is the Nintendo Pro Controller. After installing the game I tried out the controls. The game actually thought the controller is a fight stick and you could not input diagonal directions on the joystick, but it worked fine on the...
  3. Franzyd

    TFH's Title Theme piano MIDI

    Goodday everyone, I made a piano MIDI of the game's title theme, here's a side by side comparison: Hope you like it!