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  1. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    You Laugh, You Win (or YLYL)

    I always find the old Super Best Friends Play videos top tier, along with all of 2Snacks' stuff. Beyond that most of the TeamFourStar's stuff is still funny; especially the Helsing and DBZ stuff. And for my JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fix AntfishTAS has great JoJo abridged videos for the original...
  2. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    The "What are you playing right now, and progress" Topic.

    Alright banging my head against a wall is working in some part for Enter The Gungeon... I've unlocked all the guns from Ox, completed the ledge goblins quest, and unlocked sir junkin as an item (get him to knight then kill a boss; junkin + 3 junk)... along with a few achievements including...
  3. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    (Forum Game) Wish Granting

    Granted but it's white chocolate. I wish for a hover board.
  4. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    Pen & Paper and other Tabletop Games

    Cool thanks I'll be sure to check out URealms Live sometime... maybe it can help tie me over between Critical Roll episodes, and the D&D Pax events.
  5. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    (Forum Game) Wish Granting

    granted your rhymes make you sound like a cold and shallow person. I wish I could talk to non-human animals and sentient creatures whether of this universe or not, and still be able to talk to humans.
  6. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    Reset [Interactive Story Time Kiddos]

    you roll around on the ground for a bit. >observe surroundings
  7. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    Tfh as a text adventure game?

    LOADING... ... ... ... ... ... DONE... PLEASE CHOOSE CHARACTER: [MANUAL] ERROR UNKNOWN COMMAND... ... but I don't have the manual ... RIP DOS and command line gaming.
  8. GreySky-GodoftheMachine


    Most anything from Volbeat and Rammstein is great. for context Devil and the Blue Cat Song and Warrior's Call for Volbeat, and Ich Tu Dir Weh and Links 2 3 4 for Rammstein.
  9. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    Favorite Gaming Soundtrack?

    The classics like Contra, and mega man are a given, and popular rhythm games like project diva always have great tracks. But I'm here to push the Jet Set series ( Jet Set Radio/ Jet Grind Radio, Jet Set Radio Future, and Ollie King) and more importantly Gitaroo-Man/ Gitarooman Lives (The PSP...
  10. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    Anime/Manga/Fan Service/Japanese/Bullet Hell Games

    My go to classic bullet hells are Ikaruga, and Rez.
  11. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    Party Games

    I'd add ChuChu Rocket, Powerstone 1 and 2, and wii sports to the list. along with Mario Kart 64, Smash Bros., and fighters like SF, DOA, Tekken, and Dive Kick.
  12. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    Music/Rhythm Games

    Gitaroo-Man is great and I love all the music, also there is Gitaroo-Man Lives the PSP re-release with a few more songs to add to the story and some English versions of the songs. If you can't play it, for your sake listen to the music on youtube or something. Also technically DS3 is a rhythm...
  13. GreySky-GodoftheMachine


    I think for the most part rouge-likes are fun. I like TBOI, but it is overly complicated due to over saturation of items. Personally I think a limited variety of items and weapons works best. That is why I really like Enter The Gungeon; you don't have to go to forms to look up a mystery item...
  14. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    Point-and-Click Adventure Games

    I've played some of Myst, and I've played a bunch of the Kings Quest game including the new one; Sierra in general is great. Also I've played through I have no mouth and I mush scream; there are no good endings only a moderately ok one. Tormentum- Dark Sorrow is great for those who like \m/...
  15. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    Things you hate in games you love

    Shining Force- great game overall but there are a limited number of battles and exp is per-character, and based on damage dealt and kills. Demon's Souls- over complicated weapon upgrade system Custom Robo- some unlocks are basically impossible to unlock due to multiple things such as more than...
  16. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    Pen & Paper and other Tabletop Games

    As far as RPGs go I've never played ponyfinder, but I have Roan, some digital pathfinder stuff and all the current D&D 5e stuff alone with the tome of beasts. I'm currently a level 14 Fighter: Gunslinger (Matt Mercer Critical Role custom archetype). I hope we get some more 5e Eberron than the...
  17. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    The "What are you playing right now, and progress" Topic.

    After A slow burn through DS3 and the Final DLC I have been going strong on Enter The Gungeon. I have 2/4 shortcuts unlocked and a bunch of the guns but it's not easy to say the least. I'm hoping I can beat the fifth floor at least once some day so I can unlock the bullet character. Apparently...
  18. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    What fgs do you play?

    Man where I start... I remember when SF2 came out on the SNES from there I moved onto Smash on the N64. then is was Tekken, Soul Caliber, DOA, Rival School/ Project Justice... so many good ones. Overall in a fighter I think I look for how smooth or original the fighters are, more than over...
  19. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

    Try to main Akihiko senpai get wrecked by cheap range attacks move on to Ultimax get wrecked again... good times. But for real Akihiko is great I was on a win streak with my friends for over two hours... eventually my hands started to cramp up RIP win streak LOL.
  20. GreySky-GodoftheMachine

    Cosplay thread

    I got into cosplay a few years back when I started college. I first went to a local con as a cheap simple FF7 Reno Cosplay. After a bit I stepped it up a little by adding a new trench coat, dress pants, and dress coat. After community college when I transferred to a new college I put some time...