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  1. SloppyJoe403

    Here's an Art I'm Doing

    Thank you so much! :D
  2. SloppyJoe403

    Here's an Art I'm Doing

    Finally... it's done. Stupid life, getting in the way of best ungulate.
  3. SloppyJoe403

    Here's an Art I'm Doing

    Hey don't you worry your lil floofers she's next ^ c ^
  4. SloppyJoe403

    Here's an Art I'm Doing

    What? I couldn't not draw best ungulate. It's still a WIP; I'll be adding colors tomorrow hopefully.
  5. SloppyJoe403

    Best Skin

    Default by far. There's just something about a grey coat and dark grey mane that I just really like... • c •
  6. SloppyJoe403

    Introducing the Cast of Them's Fightin' Herds

    Ohhhh, so THAT'S why Arizona sounds like Timmy Turner.
  7. SloppyJoe403

    Local TFH Matchup Finder (LTMF)

    I'm either in northwestern or southwestern Iowa, depending on the day.
  8. SloppyJoe403

    M6 Officially Unofficial Gaming Night #2

    I'll try to make it! I voted tor TF2, but I only just got it and I'm not very good yet, lol. So if I'm able to play and you're looking to rack up some points you'll be in luck!
  9. SloppyJoe403

    Why do you like TFH?

    Both the fact that it's a fun, simple fighting game, and the great mechanics, animations, and soundtrack!
  10. SloppyJoe403

    Playable male characters

    Not that an all female cast bothers me, but I would like at least a few male characters.
  11. SloppyJoe403

    Minecraft Thread

    I would if I knew how.
  12. SloppyJoe403

    Minecraft Thread

    I usually play vanilla Minecraft. Most of the time the mods I install start glitching and causing problems. Plus I like staying with the current versions of MC and the mods usually can't keep up so I've just stopped using them altogether! I usually don't use resource packs, either, but I...
  13. SloppyJoe403

    Just post a random Oleander here because I can XD

    I like it! Good work!
  14. SloppyJoe403

    A Moment of Silence for the Glory

    THANK YOU masters!
  15. SloppyJoe403

    How good are you at fighting games?

    I've only played Fighting is Magic a few times. So yeah, I suck.
  16. SloppyJoe403

    TFH Art by GS

    Wowowowowowo these are REALLY good! Especially Oleander!
  17. SloppyJoe403

    Which crossover character would you like in TFH?

    Tom from Tom and Jerry.
  18. SloppyJoe403

    Ideal Character Voices

    I feel like Tara Strong would fit Oleander.
  19. SloppyJoe403

    [FactionRP] The Dark Side [Oleander]

    I have become one with The Horn. I see all I need to see. Weather it be in the light... or in the Dark.
  20. SloppyJoe403

    [FactionRP] The Dark Side [Oleander]

    I am ready to serve the Order of the Horn.