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  1. TigerKirby215

    Introducing the Cast of Them's Fightin' Herds

    YOU GUYS GOT TARA STRONG?! I mean I guess I should've guessed this after you kidnapped fausticorn. Lauren and Tara go together like squirrels and Purple Smart. Other than that you got... The English Voice Actor for Tornado from One Punch Man. Another anime voice actor. Allie Moreno... Oh...
  2. TigerKirby215

    "Faction Wars" Rules

    What the heck RP shenanigans have I missed? :v
  3. TigerKirby215

    TFHs D&D (5e) Campaign

    I got the alert but then when I went to check it didn't show. I'll look this stuff over for sure.
  4. TigerKirby215

    Gongx facai! Happy Year of the Rooster!

    恭喜发财 This is basically just an excuse for me to post Chicken :Tianhuo: again:
  5. TigerKirby215

    Them's Garry's Herds - TK's silly Ragdoll Screenshots

    Hey. I'm back. ^^; I'm not really active on this forum I must admit, especially on this "art" thread of mine. But... With Chinese New Year coming out soon I asked on Stream if :Tianhuo:would be doing anything special. I got no response. :( But I took a bit of time to create some Year of the...
  6. TigerKirby215


    Apparently Kaplin was so pleased with my Tracer gameplay that he put the lootboxes in my favor.
  7. TigerKirby215

    Foenum Meets Earth

    Arizona and cow co. are named after states of the united category. Velvet's co. are named after Santa's reindeer because names are hard. Oleander seems to be demonic witch plant. Paprika is spicy. :^) Tian... see previous comment. Pom? IDK.
  8. TigerKirby215

    Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

    I got that much by watching some footage of the game. I currently rate this game 8 sweaty otakus out of 10. I might buy, depending on how much money I get for Christmas and if anything else of interest comes up. It doesn't look overly complex.
  9. TigerKirby215

    Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

    This is actually really helpful. Thanks! I'll be sure to look at it! :Paprika: But... The assists... How do they work? I'm only really used to Skullgirl's assist/swap mechanics. I assume since it's a 1v1 fighter you can swap to your chosen assists, but can they still be damaged (to stop them...
  10. TigerKirby215

    Foenum Meets Earth

    As I have already stated, Tianhuo (天火) translates to "Skyfire" in Chinese. :Tianhuo:
  11. TigerKirby215

    Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

    Yeah I was going to ask what the !@#$ this game is... I mean, they've got some top tier waifu bait from the looks of it, and I'm always down for top tier waifu bait. But between all the other shit I want to buy and general loot boxes for other games (not just Overwatch) I don't know if I have...
  12. TigerKirby215

    Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss... I've wanted UMvC3 for the longest time, and now I can get a newer game on PC! :D I just hope Phoenix Wright gets buffed, and that Deadpool's theme remains the same. Taskmaster better come back too. :Tianhuo: From my understanding they're basically X-Factor...
  13. TigerKirby215


    >Be me >As new DLC character Axe (Magna) >Enemy Zosha breaks into the palace >Dies against king >Am playing a combat character >"Well. Thanks for opening the path to the king." >Fight King >King is at 1 HP >I am at 1 HP >Zosha is in palace >Has turn before me (2econd last. I am last.) >Enemy...
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    S2 Comp Started! Update also includes new map, new skins for Rein, new emotes, and most importantly: New balance! :D
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    I like Barnubs. I also like Zosha and Amber. Mercurio, Brun, and Thane are kinda fun, but I never really liked Sana or River. Of the new characters I like Donald Trump Elyssia the most, though Axe Magna is also really fun. Jebus Rat Sargon has waaaaay too low body to be played realistically...
  16. TigerKirby215


    Le needless bump cuz: Usupper's Pack! Out now! Including from left to right: Zarya ("Together we are strong!") Axe (Reflects damage back at the enemy.) (Also known as "Thicc Wolf Hips" by the community) Donald Trump Jebus Rat (Holy prophet)
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    I unboxed two skins for Ana over my 36 levels and 36 purchased Loot Boxes (so 72 Loot Boxes) And of the two skins I unboxed, TWO OF THEM ARE LEGENDARY! What is this?! What is my life?! I unbox two Legendaries for a Sniper, and still don't have a single skin for Torb!
  18. TigerKirby215

    Review your favorite games in 4 words or less

    Found this on another forum I browse. I think the idea is simple enough.
  19. TigerKirby215

    Games You...

    Might just be that I'm spoiled as zork but... I started playing Dead Rising 4 HD and... wow it's bad. :( The story is filled with cheezy goodness but oh my lord the tank controls. The mere fact that everything outranges my knife really pisses me off. I understand keeping true to the original...
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    (I only come to these forums to post here nowadays.) Not shown: Me killing the enemy Mercy 5+ times as I play Mei like Reaper. I play a lot of Reaper and Symmetra, so I guess Mei's essentially the mid point for me. :p Flank Assassin Mei for the dankest of memes. ;) Pics unrelated...