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  1. Gamerdude854

    Best Levels and Bosses

    From recent memory this boss was pretty amazing:
  2. Gamerdude854

    Copy Your Paste

    I'd love to know the context of this
  3. Gamerdude854

    Favorite Cut-scene?

    The prologue cutscene to Bayonetta 2 is my personal favorite off the top of my head.
  4. Gamerdude854

    Zombie Games

    What are your favorite zombie games? My personal favorites are the Dead Rising series and the Left4Dead series.
  5. Gamerdude854

    Copy Your Paste

    Bookworm Hoers got wrecked
  6. Gamerdude854

    Copy Your Paste

  7. Gamerdude854

    Favorite Indie Games?

    All great indie games, I agree I've heard many good things about Kerbal, although it does seem a bit pricey Mod note: don't double post
  8. Gamerdude854

    Underrated/Obscure Video Games

    Crash Of The Titans and Crash Mind Over Mutant were terrible games, so you didn't miss out
  9. Gamerdude854

    Favorite Intro Sequence?

    I'm talking about animated openings That is an awesome intro, i've heard some great things about this game too.
  10. Gamerdude854

    Them's fightin' herds IRL

    I really need to get my mind out of the gutter
  11. Gamerdude854

    Favorite Intro Sequence?

    What is your favorite intro Sequence for a video game? Mine is the Melee opening, it's just so amazing:
  12. Gamerdude854

    If Downloadable content and patches never became a thing, where do you think gaming would be?

    There would be more complete games, Nintendo is one of the only company's that seems to release full games now, sure Nintendo does do DLC, but you don't feel pressured to get it like when other company's release DLC
  13. Gamerdude854

    Underrated/Obscure Video Games

    Crash had a couple good games after the third one
  14. Gamerdude854

    Underrated/Obscure Video Games

    All I know about this game is that it's a point and click adventure. The idea of a point and click on the Gamecube is very odd to me
  15. Gamerdude854

    Super Hero Games

    LJN is a company known for making infamously bad games, most say that this was their only good game, it was also one of their last
  16. Gamerdude854

    Super Hero Games

    Ah yes, the only good LJN game
  17. Gamerdude854

    Open Toonz

    I might try this out, although I'm pretty terrible at animation
  18. Gamerdude854

    Must Play Xbox One Games?

    So I recently got an Xbox One and I was wondering what must play games are on the console? I already own: Rare Replay, Halo 5, Ori And The Blind Forest, Both Tomb Raiders and Killer Instinct
  19. Gamerdude854

    Markiplier Fightin' Herds

    I don't think it's gonna happen, not his kind of game
  20. Gamerdude854

    What Would Be Your Dream Crossover Fighting Game?

    Although competitive Superslam players seem very serious, like they actually get angry when someone says that it shouldn't be a competitive game