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  1. zeox

    Pixel lobby sprite modification

    Is this something that you only see in your own game? If that's the case I don't see any wrong with it, in fact is pretty cool.
  2. zeox

    Why Velvet is the best

    The smug face, the smug face is the key of all of this. :Velvet:
  3. zeox

    Future Palettes

    I'm gonna suggest a skin for the goat character... even if we don't know anything about it yet, so suggesting a skin for a character that we know nothing is a pretty dumb thing to do, but whatever. Since there are lots of skin references to pokemon, i'm gonna suggest a digimon skin, the goat...
  4. zeox

    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    Hates the bacon.
  5. zeox


    So, probably nobody here have hear of that game... is pretty old, but it have an interesting story. PLOK! is a platforms game released for SNES in 1993, and for the year, it had beautiful graphics and a pretty crazy soundtrack. The release of the game have an interesting story, there is a video...
  6. zeox

    Future Palettes

    1.000 YES TO THIS! Seriously, adorable movie, if you haven't see it, you should.... in fact... The whole movie is on youtube, pretty adorable.
  7. zeox

    Future Palettes

    Shaggy Pom with Scooby Doo doggos
  8. zeox

    Can we count to 100?

  9. zeox

    Beware of the Stick Horse

    Some of you may notice it, that right now, when you play the game with Oleander, for some moments, she becomes this: A lot of you have excused this by saying "oh, is just an early access unfinish animation, they will fix it later", but oh, you innocent people have no idea, this is not a...
  10. zeox

    Ideal DLC Character

    A giraffe that was trapped in a stone for more than a 1.000 years and that when he comes back, he uses his powerfull magic to make a chaos of the world.