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  1. xCROOKEDx

    Super Smash Brothers

    Weren't those leaks about a Sm4sh port, rather than a new game? Unless there was a new leak that I don't know about...
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    Preorder and cost?

    I thought the backer's discount was the $12 early bird tier? Either way, I'd expect $15 or $20, as those seem like equilibrium amounts for small/indie fighters.
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    Koihime Enbu

    Yea, that trailer is not good :p:D The game itself is pretty fun though. The bug I was having cleared up on it's own (not quite sure how, but I'm not complaining), so I was playing a bit earlier. There's not more there than most other fighting games, and is almost directly comparable to SFIV in...
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    Koihime Enbu

    Koihime Enbu was released today. It's got a pretty fantastic soundtrack, but I can't say much about the gameplay, as I'm having a bug where the game will randomly jump between 30 and 60 fps. Which kind of sucks.
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    Surviving Future Singularities

    It might also be like this: (I recommend everyone play DeathSmiles. Pretty darn good game with fantastic music)
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    so...... why manesix did that?

    No, Fhtgn's face isn't in the Book of Lore. Looking back in the posts, it HAS been shown before, but only in a sketch here.
  7. xCROOKEDx

    so...... why manesix did that?

    They also showed off Fred's actual face with the PRSGN.rylh, which I don't think has been done yet. So yea, it was pretty interesting. I wonder if the glitched backgrounds still exist in the tactical folder... XP
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    Um... What is this Ob3y thing?

    So the morse code is loosely based on r'lyehian. R'lyehian - CthulhuWiki
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    Um... What is this Ob3y thing?

    It's a modem dial tone, though not a traditional one.
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    Um... What is this Ob3y thing?

  11. xCROOKEDx

    Um... What is this Ob3y thing?

    I think we all just need to chill out and listen to the gentle sound of brain control. On a less spammy note, I'm interested in digging through some website source code once I get on my actual computer. Edit: the background here has changed to this...
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    Um... What is this Ob3y thing?

    I, for one, accept our new robotic overlords. for(Account usr : accountSet){ usr.initOrder66(); }
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    Um... What is this Ob3y thing?

    FTFY, though I don't know why you'd need to change drive directories to shut down a computer :p
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    Koihime Enbu

    Koihime Enbu, a fighting game in the Koihime series, is coming out (in the west?) on the 19 for PC, PS4, & PS3. Anyone going to play? It actually seems really solid. :p Steampunk Linkle: Save 20% on Koihime Enbu on Steam Gameplay Demo:
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    What was the last game you played?

    Quantum Moves (which y'all should download and play to help scientists design quantum computers).
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    You're misunderstanding, I think; the newest DLC is all of the extra content from the PSV/PS4 versions of the game, like a fully voiced storymode, which hasn't been released on Steam until now AFAIK.
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    Killer instinct

    Undoubtedly, it's pretty good, though the PC version isn't without it's faults. Mostly, it's a pretty good port though. In another facet, it's soooo freaking weird coming to it from games like Street Fighter. Entirely different combo structure than anything I've ever played before.
  18. xCROOKEDx

    Tatsunoko vs. Capcom...Anyone?

    I didn't even know the game existed until the Wii online servers were about to be shut down. And, to be perfectly honest, I only know it exists now because Maximilian Dood did a big live stream or something like that to broadcast the end of it's online life.
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    Favorite Indie Games?

    Extra Indie: Pony Island I MAED A GA3M W1TH ZOMB13Z!!1 Avatar Laser Wars One Way Heroics Murder Miners Small Teams: Limbo Poker Night At The Inventory A few that depend on your view of what an indie studio is: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series Bastion Brutal Legend And the obvious: Undertale...
  20. xCROOKEDx

    Favorite Intro Sequence?

    Nothing, absolutely NOTHING in my eyes beats the intro to Parasite Eve on the PS1. Partially because it's one of my favorite games of all time, and partially because it's so damn good.