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  1. MPK

    I'm losing faith in this game.

    Hello, MPK here. I do the weekly stream thing for Fightin' Foenatics. Arizona vs Tianhuo is NOT a 9-1 matchup. There's a bunch of options Arizona can take to fight against Tianhuo. 6a is still a universal anti air. Cross Canter is still a solid defensive option. I rarely see you use either for...
  2. MPK

    An actual Ebvert's TFH art thread

  3. MPK

    Them's Tourney Testers (TFH Online Tournament)

    Steam: MPK I'm in
  4. MPK

    Indie fighting games in development

    Slayer was pretty cool
  5. MPK

    Which crossover character would you like in TFH?

  6. MPK

    Them's Fightin' Herds: Clans & Factions

    Shoutouts to [dp] for existing. They the true MVPs
  7. MPK

    Them's Fightin' Herds: Clans & Factions

    Shoutouts to [dp]
  8. MPK

    Introduce yourself

    Dream on pat. You forget I'm still playing. FT100. Calling you out.
  9. MPK

    Call of Duty

    Yall can add me on PSN for some Blops 3 action as well.
  10. MPK

    Melty blood

    Hopefully the steam version will have the caster attached. That's the life blood of Melty.
  11. MPK

    Path of Exile

    If I play will you not grind and leave me behind? ;-;
  12. MPK


    >Squiggly hitboxes You mean the same ones with hurtboxes on them?
  13. MPK


    17 Aurin and 3 Chua. Just started my Chua so I have a character for both sides. The servers were updated so it's a lot better now.
  14. MPK


    Here's a list I compiled for people to read to learn some basic philosophies/theories/jargon/etc for Fighting Games. Just click it and you'll be given a few links and what they contain.
  15. MPK

    (poll) who will you mane in tfh?

    I don't see an "All of them" option.
  16. MPK

    Street fighter

    Get bopped Pat. Also Cody is really fun for some reas- hA HA! I'm waiting patiently for Ibuki in SFV.
  17. MPK

    Melty blood

    Ayyyyye Obligatory Melty Air Dasher thread. Let's get those casters rolling in some casual anime fightan. If you need the caster and stuff just holla and you'll get setup. Holla atcha boy MPK
  18. MPK


    Hey all, Trying to get a Wildstar group going. I mostly play an Aurin Spellslinger but I also have a Chua Engineer. Anyone wanna run some dungeons/quests/what-not just post here and we can get this thing started yo. If you don't know what Wildstar is, it's an MMORPG that's pretty easy to pick...
  19. MPK

    Introduce yourself

    MPK, Keet, Kitty, or MrPrettyKitty... Holla atcha boy.. I play SF, anime, SG and soon will be bodyin' in TFH. Fear [dp]