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    Word Association Game

  2. Solvandus

    Things you hate in games you love

    Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped -- The golden relic trials on Levels 13 (High Time) and 14 (Road Crash). For just being gold relics, these were a giant pain to get, especially compared to nearly every other gold relic in the game. "Do everything perfectly and one slight mis-step = start over" was...
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    Dance Dance Revolution/Stepmania

    Think I've owned a roll-up DDR pad for one game on the Wii way back, played it a couple times. Think it's in my basement somewhere now, not sure, but I enjoyed it while I used it o: When I went to NY with some friends back in Summer '15, I challenged one to DDR when we went to the Toys R' Us. I...
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    Ideal Lobby Items

    Little flowers to put on their heads, binoculars (held up with magic~!), a floating rain cloud, a single brick, an ice sprite tied to their head, the highly likely $ chain, and, and, Hm... my creativity's dead rn.. I feel like a lot of things that've come to mind would either be obvious or have...
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    The Reason Behind Your Username

    I felt a Party Horse vibe when I read that name, glad to know it's can(n)on ;D As for my username, way back when I was 16, I had a friend who was being stalked by a persistent troll; the troll saw I was his friend and started stalking me too. Blocked him, but I was still feeling insecure after...
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    The "What are you playing right now, and progress" Topic.

    I've been playing Destiny a lot recently :U . . . At the end game, just trying to get my light level to crawl above 310, let alone to 335. 'Was also just gifted Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Let's see where that takes me~!
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    Pomfy! book of lore when?

    Ah, my bad. ^^;; Forgot her name, and thought "Pomfy" was some sorta' nickname for Pom. . .
  8. Solvandus

    Pomfy! book of lore when?

    Pom's Book of Lore chapter is right here, and I think every character has one now. .o. I'd definitely love to see more from the Book of Lore though!
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    You're SPECIAL!

    Strength [ 3 ] - Not the strongest; I don't work out much. I maintain the ability to move my 160-220 pound friends like those stone blocks in Ocarina of Time, but that's about it. Perception [ 6 ] - Little details this and that blah blah; kinda' offset by a weaker right eye though. Endurance [...
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    First Fightin' Game(s) You've Ever Played

    It was either Smash Bros. 64, or Soul Calibur 1 on the Dreamcast. . . Not sure which, this was back before kindergarten. :o
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    Games you could play over and over

    Crash Bandicoot games, particularly 2 and 3 And also Terraria, but I'm on a.. 'hiatus' right now >>;;
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    small detail that make TFH special for you!

    o If the visual lobby has stuff like currency, shops, and trading (for things like visual cosmetics to wear/carry)... o Holiday decorations in the visual lobby that match real life holidays. If, say, it is currently the last week in October, each location in Foenum could be loaded up with...
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    I can do that (forum game)

    Can do. Nothing beats bacon-egg on bagel/toast, cheese and ketchup optional 0: I can also... man, having no talents (besides 3D animation + design) is the worst... Uh... I can grow a sweet chin piece, care for it, trim it, feed it, name it, and housebreak it. (That's it. That's literally what...
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    Them's China Herds

    "Step out of the way, Sheep-Camel, I've no time for games." "Aww, come on, Horse-Dragon, games are fun!"
  15. Solvandus

    Shipping Thread!

    I really like Paprika and Pom, or even just have the two of them hang out and be the Wool Sisters. .o. Then there's also just Paprika and every living, moving ungulate across the globe. She'll find another like herself somewhere out there. . . (And may we all pray for mercy when she does)
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    Your Future "Mane" in TFH

    I have no clue whatsoever! :D Though I'd love to get my hands on Tianhuo and Paprika. Those fast-paced, mobile, zany playstyles. Arizona looks cool too. And Velvet. And Pom. And Oleander. And goat. Oh my....
  17. Solvandus

    Favorite Indie Games?

    Heavy Bullets, Undertale, Matt Roszak's games (Epic Battle Fantasy series, Bullet Heaven series), Edmund McMillen's games (Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac). Screencheat and Tabletop Simulator too! ...And then I have almost 700 hours in Terraria. *If any of those aren't indie, please forgive...
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    What would "ruin" Them Fightin' Herds for you?

    Two big make-or-breakers for me in anything online are netcode and community. :U The community seems pretty cool, just gotta' see what kinda' moderation there'll be on harassment and sportsmanlike conduct. And for netcode, I have faith in our Mane Six overlords~. Oh, and if one character is...
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    Question & Answer

    Tough call... 'Most distant'... 'personally'... I'm gonna' wager one of those people at that family reunion. How many pizza toppings is too many?