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  1. Oscarglez93

    My thoughts and analysis about the recent Pom changes

    First of all for those who do not know me, I am considered one of the best pom players there is for now, I have dedicated this game around 800 hours at the moment, I have been a big fan of the game since its inception and today I come to talk about a topic of which I feel it is important, which...
  2. Oscarglez93

    Runescape!! 3/07/Classic its all good

    That's true but if you really need DPS or really need to kill a hard monster then EoC is what you have to use since it has a lot of benefits that Revolution lacks.
  3. Oscarglez93

    Runescape!! 3/07/Classic its all good

    I've been playing the game for like 11 years but 3 years ago my main account got hacked and I had to start everything again, I'm still playing it but not as much as before, also I'm one of the very few people that loved EoC.
  4. Oscarglez93

    Kirby Kirby Kirby

    I have been a fan of the games since the SNES and I'm still a big fan now, my favorite games by far are always going to be The amazing mirror, Kirby Super Star Ultra and Air Ride.
  5. Oscarglez93


    That would be a very big plot twist
  6. Oscarglez93


    What if the predators want to apologize and throw a welcoming party to everyone but everyone in Foenum kicks them out because of their fear so the predators will try again in the sequel.
  7. Oscarglez93

    Community Discord Server

    I welcome all the new people, be warned that the enviroment of the chat is not the same as the forums so expect a lot different attitudes and content.
  8. Oscarglez93

    Rate the icon above you

    A possessed little fox that is happy to take your soul, Exorcism/5
  9. Oscarglez93

    Obscure Fighting Games

    The fanbase is still alive so it is quite relevant today, also the steam port is finally going to come so it has a change to grow again.
  10. Oscarglez93


    Easily one of the best games of 2015 but I can't consider it GOTY, while it has one of the strongest plots I have ever seen, the most original and deep characters and a soundtrack so incredible and beautiful, the bad thing is that it lacks difficulty (not including the 2 extra bosses of the...
  11. Oscarglez93

    Obscure Fighting Games

    I don't know what you mean by obscure but I asume you are talking about games that almost no one knows, I'll leave some fatalities from a game I used to play back then that had the gameplay of your average anime fighting game, some MUGEN mechanics and fused with Mortal Kombat (warning: contains...
  12. Oscarglez93

    Favorite Fighting Game Theme?

    I'm still adicted to the Capcom vs SNK 2 soundtrack, every time I hear it I'm always hyped for a good fight
  13. Oscarglez93

    Would you watch a TFH television series?

    If it is a yes then how many episodes or seasons should it have? Should it stay with the plot that the game has or start a new one some time before or after it? What kind of stories would be interesting to know regarding the plot that we know so far from the characters?
  14. Oscarglez93

    Super Smash Brothers

    Bayo has been out a few hours ago, GO GET HER NAW.
  15. Oscarglez93

    We in there

  16. Oscarglez93

    Who you want to main; who you probably will

    I'm certainly going to use Pom since my main was Timid Ferovore Hoers in Fighting is Magic (gotta love those 100 hits combos).