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    Fighting Game Community Vernacular

    SRK Fighting Game Glossary | Shoryuken Fighting Game / Useful Notes - TV Tropes Strategies - Dustloop Wiki
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    Koihime Enbu

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    Melty blood

    pay up pay up pay up
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    Guilty gear

    [UPDATE] Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Preorder Demo Available on April 1 in Japan, April 5 in North America In case you guys are uninformed if you preorder xrd -revelator- for PS4 you get access to a demo that has all the characters from the current arcade version, versus mode, training mode...
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    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

    Don't do this to me
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    with the blazblue chrono phantasma extend steam port releasing today, now is better time than ever to start this thread. discuss matchmaking, central fiction and why mori should never be allowed near a pen, pencil or keyboard when the bb story ends below.
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    (Game) Super Powers

    you will reach point in your life were time doesn't move forward. But backwards with more detailed events The power to Manipulate fate
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    Disgaea: Hour of Darkness in PC

    Disgaea / NIS Games someone lock this thread please
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    Youtube Channels You Currently Watch

    The only channel worth subbing to
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    Shin Megami Tensei / Persona

    Im just here to pay respects
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    Love this game, anyone wanna try to make a squad for ranked
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    no other
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    If you could go back in time and save fighting is magic from being c&d'd...

    No I would have not saved FIM simply because of the engine change. Fighter maker 2nd was a mistake
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    Favorite Anime

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    Obscure Fighting Games

    Rival schools 2 / Project justice In my opinion is the most underrated fighting game ever. only the Street fighter ex series comes close. A 3d Fighter with MvC mechanics is the Best way to describe it
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    Controller vs Keyboard vs Stick, what's best/worst?

    W̶H̶A̶T̶ ̶A̶R̶E̶ ̶T̶H̶O̶O̶O̶S̶S̶S̶S̶S̶S̶S̶E̶E̶E̶E̶E̶E̶E̶ Hitboxes are basically the middleground between a keyboard and Stick. the joystick of the Arcade stick are replaced with more buttons
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    Controller vs Keyboard vs Stick, what's best/worst?

    while the common is answer is to Just say "nothing is better just pick what your most comfortable with." When you really think about all other controller options have advantages and disadvantages over arcade Sticks. The true benefit of playing on stick is that you usually a fighting game...
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    Guilty gear

    Pioneer of the "Air Dasher" Fighting game, Guilty gear is easily one of my favorite fighting game franchises. Feel free to discuss everything Gear related which includes weekly prayers to our loud and savior Daisuke Ishiwatari