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  1. LydianLights

    Pixel Lobby: Jumping off the map by rubbing a wall

    Okay, here's another minor Pixel Lobby glitch. I'm sure I can't be the only one to notice this, but I didn't see anything in the other reports. • Location of Bug: Pixel Lobby - Paprika's stage • Description: You can jump downwards off the map by holding upwards against a certain wall on...
  2. LydianLights

    Pixel Lobby: Screen Shake effect is based on screen center rather than character position

    Umm, I think this is a bug/oversight. It's pretty minor, but hey. • Location of Bug: Pixel Lobby • Description: When two players are fighting in the pixel lobby, there's a mild screen shake effect for nearby players that gets stronger the closer you are to the fight. But the calculation for...
  3. LydianLights

    Forum experimentation thread

    Also editing/deleting posts and creating signatures are both definitely supported... but they seem to be having the same kind of delays and permission issues that changing avatars was having. Most likely it's just a matter of waiting for the system to catch up since there were a lot of signups...
  4. LydianLights

    Forum experimentation thread

    So, I'm testing if there's any image size restrictions... ----- EDIT: Apparently, no.
  5. LydianLights

    How do you change your icon?

    Well I edited my post. Apparently it was a sheer coincidence, and is just a matter of waiting.
  6. LydianLights

    How do you change your icon?

    EDIT: You should probably disregard this post! Apparently the fact that I gained permission to change my avatar and use edits exactly when I enabled two-step verification was sheer coincidence. There are several reports of users following this procedure and still having permission issues...
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    We in there

    Oscar ur doin' it wrong.
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    Are backer only forums available?

    They appear to be read-only at the moment, but they're there!
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    So that was a pretty decent game in my opinion. Thoughts?
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    We in there