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  1. Kittens

    We're at EVO BABY!

    The Skullgirls launch party is so not stopping, that they even brought us along.
  2. Kittens

    1.0 Release Date, New Website!

    Ooh, stage backgrounds and wallpapers, nice!
  3. Kittens

    Update: FF Tournament Recording Status & Lindsay Art Stream

    I could only watch the archive later on, but the art stream was fun! It's nice to have a chill discussion about the game and games/art in general, accompanied by great art as always.
  4. Kittens


    I have no idea why the Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team remake removed the neutral attack, sounds like ethers will become 50% of the inventory at that rate, but oh my god I'm so happy the series found a new direction with the watercolor art style.
  5. Kittens


    According to that leak, that number was it. The 632 number was completely fake and they got a message for completing it entirely at 400. Everything else is just Mythicals. Don't have to play it to give one look at that list, one look at my favorites list missing two thirds, and decide there's...
  6. Kittens


    I want to say that the new Pokémon are all great but at the same time because of the full dex leak, man, screw Game Freak. Not even 9 months ago I had money set aside for this and now you couldn't make me play the game even if it was back to 40 dollars. Maybe if Home has some good features I can...
  7. Kittens

    Development Update - September 3, 2019

    Sounds like a packed week! Hopefully I can watch them live.
  8. Kittens


    Actually, his most recent interview said there are currently no plans. I was hoping this would be my first legit Pokémon game on launch but unless they get added in patches, and they SHOULD, I'm just going to save up for ACNH or Luigi's Mansion 3. Thankfully this seems to be the nail that broke...
  9. Kittens


    I love all three so much! I'll have to wait on the evolutions before I even consider picking one, honestly.
  10. Kittens

    Aaron Stavely joins Mane6

    I've missed the streams! This is all great to hear.
  11. Kittens

    Oleander Fanart - Otherworldly Challenge

    Thank you!
  12. Kittens

    Oleander Fanart - Otherworldly Challenge

    I've been following the game for years, and now I finally had time to draw something to show how much I love it! Here's Oleander and Fred in an action pose : D
  13. Kittens

    Introduce yourself

    Hi there, I'm Kittens! I've been following development since Lawyer Friendly Equines days, but I couldn't back it because I was broke during the campaign, and planning to reticify that next week. I love watching fighting games more than I do playing them (no patience to memorize a single combo)...
  14. Kittens

    Introducing the Cast of Them's Fightin' Herds

    Fred's voice is amazing.