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  1. Alevgor

    Plans for TFH at Combo Breaker 2020 (including community-funded international players)

    100% interested in watching tournament if it is going to happen.
  2. Alevgor

    Development Update - September 8, 2019

    Even more streams! :ollie=O:
  3. Alevgor

    Development Update - September 3, 2019

    So many streams :ollie=O:
  4. Alevgor

    Background Easter Egg

    'D' and 'S' actually corresponnd to my letter guess list
  5. Alevgor

    The new pixle lobbies

    Alpaca lobby music is awesome (cow music is good too)! :olliebigsmile: Jumping and swimming are nice little additions. Reine City looks a bit like ghost town, all empty, dark and cold :olliesad:
  6. Alevgor


    I'm not a Pokemon fan but that trailer looks hilarious.
  7. Alevgor

    Nappy's Whenever, Wherever Worklog

    Updates, woo! :arigrin2:
  8. Alevgor

    TFH: Situation Update

    Companies never send negative replies. Too much work, also they can send a positive reply later if previous candidate was not hired for some reason.
  9. Alevgor

    TFH: Situation Update

  10. Alevgor

    Salt mines progression.

    Location: Salt Mines. Description: if you are caught by a predator when you are about to open a chest, a fight with that predator will happen but it won't count towards difficulty progression (because predator should be destroyed by opening the chest?).
  11. Alevgor

    Oleander: Magic Fel Spark Interaction

    Location: during the mirror Oleander fight. If Oleanders simultaneously launch magic fel spark with different amount of magic charges, this will happen:
  12. Alevgor

    Empty Pixel lobby list

    Either it is bugged or no one hosts lobbies anymore. I don't know. :olliesad: Before recent patch I did not have any problems with lobbies btw.
  13. Alevgor

    E3 2018 Trailers/Reviews

    Ooh indeed.
  14. Alevgor

    Let's Create A Character! [GRIFFIN FACE PAINT]

    Dogs would be in the hold. Longmas would be in the hold. Plot excuse can be found for any creature to be in the game.
  15. Alevgor

    Let's Create A Character! [GRIFFIN FACE PAINT]

    I don't think so
  16. Alevgor

    "The Glue Factory"? Really Mane6?

    "Eqe$tri@" is a trademark, but it is not owned by H@$bro. "Eqe$tri@ girls" on other hand is.
  17. Alevgor

    Let's Create A Character! [GRIFFIN FACE PAINT]

    Are griffins not considered predators?
  18. Alevgor

    Music Discussion Thread

    The official stage theme tracks unfortunately have way too short length for my taste, I wish they had at least one more loop so their length was comparable to character themes (~4 minutes). Also while I understand that composers may not be considering predators theme as one of the best in their...
  19. Alevgor

    Thougts on new AI balance

    Was AI of the salt mines changed or it is for Arcade mode only?
  20. Alevgor

    TFH Early Access - Dev Tasklist

    Thank you for the response. Some engines have problems with multiple overlapping partially transparent objects, maybe it is one of them.