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  1. Svierrod


    Marie's different forms are weak to different things. Her first form is weak to projectile spam; the floating skulls move slow and get chewed out by other projectiles. Painwheel can spam Stinger (M) > Fly > Unfly (you can also bail out of charging the stinger early if you have to). Peacock can...
  2. Svierrod

    Oleander is too strony

    Last I checked, Tianhuo forward dash could go under Oleander's air fireball and ground fireball. Because it's a normal dash and not a special movement option, Tian can also block while advancing, so if Oleander drops a trap on the floor or stops shooting to poke her with the book, Tian is still...
  3. Svierrod

    Pom may be slightly overtuned.

    Pom doesn't really uniquely break Juggle Decay in a way that other characters don't. Every character can, under the right circumstances, get a pretty hefty juggle going after JD fills up. This is because Juggle Decay is meant to be more of a soft combo limit than a hard one. It ensures that...
  4. Svierrod

    Pushblock Guard Cancel is still a thing

    I hope this is the right place to put this, because this seems like unintended behavior from the game. I remember old patch notes saying that pushblock guard cancel was removed a while ago. I can still get PBGC sometimes, though. Not always. It seems to be very specific and fickle. I can't...
  5. Svierrod

    Velvet's c.A and c.B hit high?

    I'm afraid there might be a miscommunication here? I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say "hits high". Normally, "hits high" refers to a move that cannot be blocked while crouching, and must be blocked while standing. I just checked, and you can definitely crouchblock all of...
  6. Svierrod

    Distinct Hitsparks for High/Low?

    I don't think that having distinct, separate hitsparks for high/low attacks is a very good idea, though it's extremely close to something that BlazBlue and Skullgirls do. So, for example, in Skullgirls, if you're blocking high, and you get hit by a low attack, an orange "!!" symbol appears over...
  7. Svierrod

    Velvet Tricks

    Last I checked, dash jump was a universal mechanic. Should be available to everybody. I think the momentum is only applied to a forward dash into forward jump though. Super rusty on the details right now.
  8. Svierrod

    Velvet Bug

    I think I have an idea of what's happening here. There should be a short buffer period where pressing one button for the super slightly before the other button will still result in Velvet doing the super. You don't have to push both buttons at exactly the same time to get the super. I'm...
  9. Svierrod

    What combo trial are you stuck on?

    So, in order to get Stomp (H) -> Short hop j. B -> c. B to connect, you want to keep as much of the launch from the stomp as you can get. I got this pretty easily by hopping as soon as the stomp hit (you can jump cancel the stomp, you don't have to wait for it to end), and then I didn't feel...
  10. Svierrod

    Why do Velvets poke with 5C?

    I'm guessing it's because s. :C: has higher priority than c. :C:. Or at least, it looks like it has much higher priority. Having the red box stick out further than her green box helps you ensure that you beat somebody's poke instead of trading with them, and c. :C: looks like it should have low...
  11. Svierrod

    Continuing attack after 2D

    I just checked in training mode. It looks like there is no point after :2::D: connects where the opponent is vulnerable to anything until they recover from the knockdown. In short, connecting with :2::D: immediately ends your combo. It's more of a setup move than a combo tool, honestly. Normal...
  12. Svierrod

    Opinions on current game balance?

    If you're talking about Oleander's psychic headbutt, there's a good reason for that. It's the same thing I was talking about earlier, with the horizontal range. To be clear, this is the hitbox we're talking about: Universal anti-air reduces the height of your vulnerable boxes, I think to the...
  13. Svierrod

    Opinions on current game balance?

    See, I don't think Oleander's j. :2::C: is too safe. I think it's too big. If you look at the hitbox, its horizontal range is actually farther than her j. :C:, for some reason. If the hitbox were smaller, it would be more reasonable to anti-air her. It would also mean that keeping her momentum...
  14. Svierrod

    General Paprika Discussion Thread

    Bit of advice for getting short hop instead of full jump. Instead of just trying to push :8: for a couple of frames and hoping you let go in time, try pressing :8::2: or :9::2:as your short hop input. Convincing your hand that you've got somewhere else to go right now might help you spend as...
  15. Svierrod

    A Plea from a Keyboard Paprika player

    Because it's fast, mostly. That's half of what the "A" button is for. Just remember that, if you have a tilt like this, somebody is always going to complain that they accidentally get a move they didn't want, regardless of what button you put it on, and the answer is usually just to clean up...
  16. Svierrod

    Palette Reference Guide

    "White Mint" was mine. I was thinking of Pearl (Steven Universe) at the time, but I didn't want to try to awkwardly recreate another character's likeness on top of Oleander's palette. I just picked a couple crayons from the same box, didn't worry about replicating all the details or using every...
  17. Svierrod

    A Plea from a Keyboard Paprika player

    It's a subtle reason, but essentially, when the universal anti-air input requires you to hold forward, you can't do it instantly from a blocking state. It'd be silly if you could hold back, or even down-back, and then continue holding that direction, and pop an anti-air with such high priority...
  18. Svierrod

    What is a grappler?

    I'm gonna try to explain this as I understand it, so it's possible for somebody to disagree with some or all of my statement. But basically, a grappler is a character with a command grab at the core of their mix-up game. The term isn't super well defined, and some people use it a bit...
  19. Svierrod

    Weapon of choice?

    Got really excited for Skullgirls back when it was brand new, it was only on Xbox 360 and PS3 at the time, and I didn't have either console yet, but my brother had an Xbox. So I just naturally learned how to play fighting games using an Xbox 360 controller, especially since the USB port let me...
  20. Svierrod

    Which crossover character would you like in TFH?

    Although TFH satisfies my love of zoning characters, especially since the formerly technicolor unicorn is actually my favorite zoner, we still need to get us a grappler. Preferably one of the implausibly enormous ones, like Hugo, Potemkin, Iron Tager, etc. Actually, Tager's magnetism fits the...