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    It's good. It's really good.
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    3D Design/Animation

    I've always had a massive respect for 3D modellers and this is no different. Keep up the good work and I'll be following you closely!
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    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    Is eagerly awaiting the heat death of the universe with open arms.
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    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    Absolutely does not taste like cinnamon.
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    Copy Your Paste

    [10/03/2016 22:02:27] Backgammon: I mean, look at these guys [10/03/2016 22:02:44] Backgammon: Super cutesy art style, nice game about fighting with fruit as your weapons [10/03/2016 22:02:50] Backgammon: And then you unlock the Nidworld versions [10/03/2016 22:02:58] Backgammon: Which is where...
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    Best Character Creator?

    Literally, nothing can come close.
  7. Galaxy Heart

    Best Character Creator?

    Black Desert Online. Nothing else even comes close.
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    Story or Gameplay. which is more important to you?

    I'm a competitive fighting game player. Gameplay. TFH is a really good way to make a rather large dent in a somewhat stale FGC community and I believe in the team's ability to create an excellent fighting game that will nurture this. It's a fighting game in the end and I don't see a reason why...
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    Ideas on non-backers & backers-only alternate palettes

    Yep, the $55 tier had a backers-only palette. I wouldn't say it's punishing, more like "Hey, thanks for believing in us and putting a fairly large chunk of money down, here's an exclusive little thing as a thank you." A way of the devs showing their appreciation for the fact that you were part...
  10. Galaxy Heart

    Fight sticks

    Did a little work on my main stick to cheer myself up. Just waiting for the art to be completed now. Replaced the Sanwa buttons with Seimitsu buttons and the Sanwa joystick with a HORI one. Balltop is Seimitsu as well.
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    Friendliest Site I Have Ever Been On

    Mm, this community is one of the best I've been part of so far, but I think that's because currently, it's pretty small, I just hope it keeps that when it gets bigger. Yeah, I'm somewhat worried about that too, hopefully it won't happen. This is a fair community and all I can hope is that it...
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    Will the game be successful?

    I'm looking at this game as a competitive fighter. Honestly, I hope it does get somewhat successful. It's never going to be able to compete with something like Street Fighter and if anyone's pretending it will, they're fooling themselves. BUT, it has the potential, if the mechanics are good...
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    Question & Answer

    No idea what either of those are, so Coca-Cola. Have you ever looked at someone,judged them before getting to know them and been proved wrong?
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    If you could go back in time and save fighting is magic from being c&d'd...

    Absolutely not. It sounds disrespectful, but no. TFH has surpassed FIM in terms of basically everything, story, mechanical depth (and that's what I'm interested in), character design and many more. As well as now being their own IP that they can freely use, Mane6 can now dedicate themselves...
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    Question & Answer

    Yep. I was on a cruise liner and it crashed into some rocks, breaking a guide rail. My friend was falling fast towards it, so I put myself inbetween me and her, impaling me on said guide rail. If I hadn't done it, she would have died, so I don't regret it for even a second. Ever laid in a field...
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    My Favorite Game Is S**t

    I hope your Rage doesn't keep you up. We've gotta have someone open the gateway to Glimmer because our previous guy won't work this year. Something about it not being the year of the dragon anymore. Speaking of rage, another one that really gets me going is this one... it's so widely available...
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    Word Association Game

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    My Favorite Game Is S**t

    Careful with that kinda talk, it'll make you pretty infamous around these parts. A wholly unoriginal design that's been done in way too many games and continues to do so, you play as a comparable midget to the rest of your fully-grown peers. They're inexplicably taken out of action and of...