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  1. Unonemous

    Palette cloning bug

    Location of bug: During active fights/training mode. Description: If two specific Tianhuo skins are chosen, both players will appear as which ever skin you chose on your screen. Unsure if opposite player sees their own skin, I only saw it cloning my own skin, even if I swapped which skin I had...
  2. Unonemous

    Anyone else feel like it's all an uphill battle?

    Before I say anything, let me state that I'm not a very good player. I barely consider myself below mediocre. But, even then, I'm not bad to the point that I don't know combos, how to tech, and how to block properly Regardless of all that...It feels like every battle is an uphill battle to me...
  3. Unonemous

    Controller not responding in specific areas.

    *Edited after noticing a 'post template' for bug reports. Logged on today, and started having some issues rather quick. I've been playing with a 360 controller since buying the game, and it's worked fine during that time. However, today, when I wanted to play with the new patch, my controller...