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  1. Surrui

    Youtube Channels You Currently Watch

    The title explains it all XD I currently watching: -Angry Video Game Nerd -Jontron -Game Grumps -Nostalgia Critic -Caddicarus -DayoScript (Spaniard Channel)
  2. Surrui

    Retro Gaming

    Hey guys!!! SOmeone here have an old console? Like a NES/SEGA Master System or other? I have a NES and I can't stop playing it (I'm so old... D_: )
  3. Surrui

    Strangest Final Boss

    I complete a lot of games in my life, but some final bosses are... well, strange XD For me, one of the strangest are Mario. Yes, Mario. Mario from Nintendo. And you think: "Mario is the hero! Not a Evil Boss". Well... Mario was a "bad boy" on the Donkey Kong Jr for NES. He kidnaps Donkey Kong...
  4. Surrui


    I'm the only one who play this game in this forum? Please, tell me not... D_:
  5. Surrui

    Bad Fighting Games!

    I know most of the people in this forum are regular players in fighting games, and many of you'll have one or two favorites... But you have never thought, whilst playing one, things like: "God, this thing is horrible!" or "This game was created by Satan just for torturing us D:". What's the game...