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  1. SubrosianDimitri

    Blade Strangers

    This one kinda came out of nowhere, but it seems kinda interesting: New fighting game Blade Strangers is launching this summer on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch It's got Curly and Quote from Cave Story, so that's a thing Yes, I know the article is old, but no one seems to be talking...
  2. SubrosianDimitri

    An Introduction to Character Archetypes & Playstyles

    I figured this would be a helpful thread to newbies to the genre who are jumping on with TFH, especially relating to our cast of Pummeling Ungulates, so I'll give the basic archetypes you see in FGs and relate them to TFH. Possible expansions to other FGs can happen, it depends on what people...
  3. SubrosianDimitri

    General Paprika Discussion Thread

    As the name implies, use this thread to discuss things related to Paprika; preferably gameplay related stuff, be it strategies, combos, inquiries, frame data, whatever. This thread will probably be replaced by ton of more specific threads as time goes on, but I figured we could get some...
  4. SubrosianDimitri

    Is TFH going to be discounted for the first week like many games on steam do?

    Just want to know because one of the FG discords I'm part of is expressing interest and some of them would like to know.
  5. SubrosianDimitri

    Lona: Realm of Colors

    I figured I'd draw some attention to this game's Kickstarter, especially for the artistic types around here (you know who you are). Seeing the passion behind this project, along with the fact that it has actual footage (as brief as it is), reminds me of what Mane 6 is putting into TFH out of...
  6. SubrosianDimitri

    Empty Your Life Savings 2017 (AKA Summer Steam Sale)

    Based on what I've seen, the summer sale is estimated to start on the 22nd, and you know what that means... As was done with last year's sale, list any games you see/recommend that are good deals for all to waste money on.
  7. SubrosianDimitri

    What shows are you curretly watching (TV/Webseries/Netflix/Hulu/Other Streaming Services)

    I know a decent chunk of us are watching Season 7 of Lawyer Friendly Equines, but what about other shows? This can be anime, live action TV, web animations, or stuff one of those many Netflix original series that I don't think anyone actually watches. I'm currently going through season 1 of Farscape, a...
  8. SubrosianDimitri

    Any RPG Recommendations?

    I've played the Pokemans and the Dragon Quests, I intend to get Luminous Arc when the money is right (and if I can find it). Handhelds in general seem to be really good to RPG fans, especially fans of Turn-Based JRPGs like myself, and the PC is getting ports, revamps, and even original RPGs in...
  9. SubrosianDimitri

    Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

    This game just came out on steam today. I don't know if anyone else here ever played the PS3/PS4 version, but this game is a solid one. And if you own Skullgirls (which I'm sure most of us do), you probably got a coupon for a 25% discount. Anyone else interested? It'd be fun to have someone to...
  10. SubrosianDimitri

    Blade Arcus

    I'm not sure if anyone else here has heard of this game, much less played it. I just kind of picked it up on a whim, and it's pretty good. Good roster size with fluid controls (3 button), and some really good combo potential once you learn how the system works. Apparently it's a spinoff of the...
  11. SubrosianDimitri

    Graphically Marvelous Games

    When it comes to most games, graphics aren't the most vital part of the game, probably the least important thing under most circumstances. However, nothing says they can't enhance your experience or make a game more distinctive from its peers, especially when things like atmosphere are vital to...
  12. SubrosianDimitri

    Webcomics you read/make

    I'm sure we've all dabbled in them at some point, the amazing amalgamation of amateur artists and authors known as webcomics, whether it be reading them or making them. This is the thread to discuss them. I myself haven't really followed too many comics since most of the ones I did either died...
  13. SubrosianDimitri

    What were your first games in different genres (aside from fighters)

    Back in ye olde half-a-year or so ago, someone made a thread on the fighting games section about the first fighting games people played. That thread hasn't updated in over 3 months, but it just came to my mind to ask a similar question, but in various genres outside fighters. List the genre...
  14. SubrosianDimitri

    The Obligatory Olympics Thread

    With the games going through their opening ceremony as I type this, I figured we should have a thread to discuss them. Let's try and make this about the games themselves and not whatever technical issues there may be.
  15. SubrosianDimitri

    Game Devs: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

    I'm sure we all have certain game developers and studios that we admire, dislike, or even flat-out hate. This is a thread to talk about those. Also, let's be clear, we're talking developers, not publishers, so that can eliminate the need to trash talk Electronic Arts, not that there would be...
  16. SubrosianDimitri

    Best character deaths?

    This is an odd thing to post about, isn't it? Exactly what it says on the tin, which character deaths in any anime/game/movie/book/whatever had the most impact on you, and why? Also, considering the nature of this kind of topic, please put all entries in spoiler tags, some people may not have...
  17. SubrosianDimitri

    Things you hate in games you love

    We all have our favorites, games we love from beginning to end, games we can replay over and over, but they're not truly flawless. These are the things in those games that flat out anger you, or a problem that many great games share. Stuff like difficulty spikes, cryptic layouts/solutions, save...
  18. SubrosianDimitri

    Summer Steam Sale 2016 (Credit Card Debt Simulator)

    The summer steam sale will soon be upon us (June 23rd apparently), which means that tons of people will be unable to make rent or buy food after the next 2 or so weeks. Especially if they bring back daily deals and flash sales after the 2015 Holiday sale got rid of them. I personally can't add...
  19. SubrosianDimitri

    Hilariously Bad Voice Acting and Translations

    With how cinematic games have become even since the PS1/N64/Saturn days, voice acting was only a natural step forward in video game presentation. Many great presentations of standout voice performances can really help games driven by story, or maybe just with some fun banter between the...
  20. SubrosianDimitri

    Dragon Quest

    I figured since several other RPGs got their own threads, I'd make one for the Grand Dad of the modern JRPG, and one of the hottest things in Japan game-wise. And since Dragon Quest VII 3DS is launches in the US this month, there's no better time. This thread is to talk about all things Dragon...