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  1. Tribble

    Aaron Stavely's video tutorials

    Aaron Stavely on youtube has been putting out a couple of great tutorials. Basic Controls:
  2. Tribble

    AI option for dummy stops working after combo trials

    • Location of Bug: Training Mode • Description: If you set the dummy action to AI after having been in combo trials, it won't do anything. Exiting training mode and entering again will fix this. • Screenshot: -- • Steps to reproduce: Go into training mode Set dummy action to AI, enjoy being...
  3. Tribble

    Them's Fightin' Herbs

    Idea for the next game: ;)
  4. Tribble

    Tribble's Stuff (Or something like that)

    EDIT: Despite the title I'm going to use this thread for all my stuff, so keep scrolling. ;) (If mods see this, please rename the thread to "Tribble's stuff" or something like that?) Quick Arizona doodle!