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  1. GuiltyGrimoire

    Injured Character Models (Concepts)

    I like the idea! Gives the characters more personality. I'd think that Ari would be enjoying a good fight rather than furious, but I bet that would better suit Tian.
  2. GuiltyGrimoire

    Them's Fightin Herds HD Wallpapers

    They look really good! Nice work on them!
  3. GuiltyGrimoire

    TFH is big in Japan...

    That's pretty cool! Japan does like cute/"kawaii" stuff a lot so it makes sense. Besides, new game in EVO has everybody trying it out. They'll love the mechanics and fighting styles, too. Gonna be tons of new people at EVO, watch out guys!
  4. GuiltyGrimoire

    We're at EVO BABY!

    Yo let's goooo! In with the likes of SG, KI and MK11. KI is gonna be soo hype in general, SG needed this recognition, and we're up on the big stage! Gotta show the world what we can do!
  5. GuiltyGrimoire

    nonames art thread

    Looks great! Her Ice Sprites could even sit on the saddle (so they can give her massages while she moves, because why not?)!
  6. GuiltyGrimoire

    Story Mode - Arizona - Chapter 1 Dialogue Skip Visual Error

    • Location of Bug: Story Mode, Chapter 1 • Description: When starting up the first chapter, if you pause and skip the dialogue quickly during the title card (before the screen fades in to the Prairie), when the playable portion begins the screen will have a dark filter persisting from the...