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  1. invertigo

    Backer Reward Status

    Feels weird looking at the "official" palette when I'm used to the og tennis shoe images.
  2. invertigo

    Hippogriff OC Discussion Thread

    She has fingers. Make her the grappler we always wanted.
  3. invertigo

    Thorne's arts&farts - good times to be had! (image heavy)

    Your art's nice and all, and the bottom-top perspective in the last comic page is fantastic, but how are these related to TFH?
  4. invertigo

    invertigo art thread

    A request from OscarGlez for an icon akin to Ebvert's. Also, how the heck do I get rid of polls?
  5. invertigo

    TFH: Situation Update

    Missing more than half of your team and your newest addition but still managing to power through with this many features is super impressive, regardless of what anyone can say about slow dev times. Can't wait for the update and when everyone else on the team can get their RL affairs in order...
  6. invertigo

    Enma's Art

    Enma a good and speedy artist boi.
  7. invertigo

    invertigo art thread

    Some requests I did on stream. Nappy, Paprika hands when?
  8. invertigo

    invertigo art thread

    Trying to transition into Photoshop, but my basics are still poor. Now I have to split time between school, art, tfh, and tf2. Absolutely worth it.
  9. invertigo

    Have/are early review copies going out?

    The game's releasing in less than 2 days, and they're crunching hard time to get (most of) it done in time. Reviewers will most likely have to buy the game at the same time as everyone else.
  10. invertigo

    Anukan's Not-Weekly(er) Worklog

    Wouldn't it be better to use IV instead of IIII if you're going to be using V?
  11. invertigo

    Them's Fightin' Herds Release Date Announced

    heck yeah
  12. invertigo

    invertigo art thread

    Playing with traditional.
  13. invertigo

    invertigo art thread

    I don't have access to the TFH beta, which festered into this.
  14. invertigo

    invertigo art thread

    Quick doodle that sparked from the anniversary stream.
  15. invertigo

    invertigo art thread

    I've been a backer, but I only drew sketches of the 6 before today. Playing FiM with a friend of mine rekindled the interest though. How does it look?
  16. invertigo

    Obligatory TF2 Thread

    Mains: Medic/Soldier/Scout, in that order. Favorite weapon: the vaccinator, which no one understands how to really use. Matchmaking is going to be the game's saving grace if done well, and I really hope it takes off with the casual community too. Anyone else going to try it out once it releases?
  17. invertigo

    Super hexagon/open hexagon

    Beat the main game years ago on both iPod and PC, and I'm working on Open Hexagon's levels at the moment.
  18. invertigo

    The concise fan art thread. keep them up, keep them visible.

    Why not both? One main thread (such as this one) that everyone gathers in, and separate artist threads where people who were curious can see the rest of the works they may have missed?