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  1. Feanor

    Predator lore headcannon 05/08/2019 may as well date it

    I would not object! :)
  2. Feanor

    Now Available (To Backers): Complete Recordings Soundtrack - Stage Pack

    Great stuff! Velvet's Theme still gives me goosebumps.
  3. Feanor

    Predator lore headcannon 05/08/2019 may as well date it

    Didn't get to read it all but I enjoyed what I did! Grammar is mostly fine. Snakes and Gators... Am I right in thinking this Lost Age is the time of the Dinosaurs?
  4. Feanor

    List of Livestream Lore/Gameplay Bits

    Definitely some 'Roos loose in the top paddock.
  5. Feanor

    Quick lore question: Oli's mother

    Whoaaaa now, don't tread on my headcannon OC
  6. Feanor

    OC: Fluffy

    Yeah that is kinda the point with Zack. He is not like most other Demons, I might even venture to say it is... original. On the topic of which Zack really looks nothing like Fred if you compare their designs, outside of the incorporeal body, which is reasonable to assume is common to all Demons...
  7. Feanor

    [OC] - The Cataphracts & Additional Lore

    Interesting idea, I think it is cool. But the modern cataphracts couldn't be the same ones from the original war unless they live for like, centuries. Or did you mean that these are just their descendants? What if it was like an old order of legend, and only now attempting to be revived? Anyway...
  8. Feanor

    Vote for your favorite ungulate! [Early Access Edition]

    Shame on you, sir. Shame.
  9. Feanor

    Why Velvet is the best

    Oh. Well I thought that one was just too obvious. Velvet is best cause she is Velvet.
  10. Feanor

    Why Velvet is the best

    Smooth and luxurious, with many different variants, velvet is one of the world's best loved fabrics. It is heavy and durable with a lustrous sheen. However, many properties depend on the type of material or fiber used to make the velvet fabric: Silk velvet has a shimmering, almost fluid surface...
  11. Feanor

    Introducing the Cast of Them's Fightin' Herds

    Welp, clearly late to this party but.. I'm lovin em! Velvet's good but Gotta say Olly and Fred are my fave voices from this
  12. Feanor

    [FactionRP] Goat Cult

    Truly, you have my deepest sympathy
  13. Feanor

    [FactionRP] The United Foenum Council [Neutral]

    "I no longer hold a seat here, Fluffy. I will stand." She looks at Zack. "It is not my place any longer. You represent us now, and I will not interfere." She then speaks to Weylyn. "I do not claim to have the plan, but I do have information. As to whether it can be trusted... I leave that to...
  14. Feanor

    [FactionRP] The United Foenum Council [Neutral]

    Feanor steps back from the chair with an apologetic gesture to fluffy. "I hope it suits, for now. It was designed with my own measurements in mind, so it may not be a precise fit, but we can have that fixed on short order." Feanor looks around. "In the mean time, it seems we have a...
  15. Feanor

    [FactionRP] The United Foenum Council [Neutral]

    Feanor just blinks at Fluffy in surprise. "Guest? You mean... Chignon?" She casts a look of renewed interest at the ewe, then shakes her head. "How odd." She watches the door a while longer, but, sensing a growing restlessness in the chamber, she at last stands. "Ahem! I was hoping to wait...
  16. Feanor

    [FactionRP] The United Foenum Council [Neutral]

    Feanor spares Fleece only a quick glance as he walks in, but her gaze snaps back sharply when she sees the ewe walk in with him. She quickly plays it off as only watching the door for the arrival of the final representative, but when Chignon ((how is that pronounced, btw?)) looks her way, Fea...
  17. Feanor

    [FactionRP] The United Foenum Council [Neutral]

    Don't make me break out the whip!
  18. Feanor

    [FactionRP] The United Foenum Council [Neutral]

    Feanor is already departing as Zero enters, and gives him a nod as she steps out of the room. She makes her way to the Council Chamber where she finds her old seat and examines it with a smile. So much had happened to bring them to this point, and the whole of it, it seems, has revolved around...
  19. Feanor

    [FactionRP] The United Foenum Council [Neutral]

    God help us all.