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  1. VRTheChamp

    So, can Tianhuo wavedash? If she can, how do I do it?

    With backdash, it seems you can't cancel it with a crouch but you can still buffer the input for another backdash. For example, if you do 44 > 214 you'll get 2 backdashes. This seems universal aswell except for Velvet since she can crouch after a dash to slide like she's on ice.
  2. VRTheChamp

    So, can Tianhuo wavedash? If she can, how do I do it?

    I think it's a thing since I was able to cancel the forward dash with a crouch when I was trying. It seems to be universal and most useful on step style forward dashes like Oleander's. I'll see if I can make a short clip showcasing it. Edit: Here's the video:
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    Favorite Fighting Game Theme?

    How... what... Are you hiding in my house somewhere? (Did we actually play against each other?). You got the reads lol.
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    Get hyped

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    Minecraft Thread

    Minecraft huh... The good old days... Vanilla stopped being fun once mods rolled and and I used to dabble with redstone a lot back in the day (didn't make any creative or innovative thing anyways lol. But yeah, I used to play the hell out of that game.
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    Why do you like TFH?

    I'm indifferent towards Lawyer Friendly Equines and anything related (Music remixes don't count :u), but the game caught my eye because it uses the same engine as Skullgirls and it looked really fun mechanic wise. (plus the 4 button layout and dynamic music). :D
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    Favorite Fighting Game Theme?

    GGXRD has some cool themes, here's a few... I also love Ky's theme in this game. Favourite SG Theme. Bonus points of you can figure out my Skullgirls team :^)
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    Final Fantasy Dissidia

    I enjoyed the heck out of that game, owned both games and had no main for a time (Played Shantoto and Onion Knight mostly). When I got Duodecim and discovered Pirshe, I fell in love. :p
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    Well, I have it in my steam library. Though for some reason the game never clicked with me so I didn't touch it since I downloaded it :/
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    Introduce yourself

    Hello everyone, VRTheChamp here. I'm more used to people calling me VR. I used to play Fighting Games for as long as I can remember, but I never got good with any. Recently started taking Guilty Gear and SFV (when it comes out) a bit more seriously and planning on getting this game under my...