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  1. Forum Improvements log

    It is a game bug. Sorry. I have not been here in a while.
  2. Forum Improvements log

    Do I post bugs here?
  3. Skullgirls

    Not sure if I ever posted here but I mostly play Big Band. I play many characters despite not being great at the game but the one I like the most is Squigly.
  4. Pokken

    My feelings on Pokken are bad designs choices executed well. I how hate the game feels, its button layout is ugh and the cab looks like a tacky faux arcade thing. The game itself is pretty fun though. I do not like these kinds of fighting games usually but Pokken is charming and fun. I struggle...
  5. Indie fighting games in development

    Most of these games I knew about but a few I didn't! Seems some are doing better than I expected to.
  6. Fight sticks

    Thank you Mr Cam. I guess people just do not like my way of wording things because I get that critique often.
  7. Fight sticks

    To each her own but I feel like maybe you could have spent more time? Inputs on any new controller is kind of weird at first.
  8. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    I am so excited for this game. I am not the biggest fan of the source material but wow I just want to play the game super bad.
  9. Skullgirls

    Squigly a cute but everyone knows Big Band is best girl.
  10. Fight sticks

    What Ponker here said. Seriously, this model is both effective and not that hard to find at a decent price at least from my experience. I got my for something like 80USD and so did an associate. There will be people who overcharge, perhaps for the skin on it but I have not had a hard time...
  11. The Fightin' Fœnatics, V2 (Updated 5/3/17: HIATUS IS OVAH!)

    Good to know. I will have to hop onto the Discord soon.
  12. Backer Status forum privileges

    That might be a problem due to my email but I can try and adjust it in time.