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  1. Patthecat

    The Stomping Grounds (SoCal bi-weekly)

    You already talked to me on Steam but I figured I would post here to keep things organized for you. Putting myself down as a yes for March 9th. I can bring power supply strips but unfortunately non of the other items requested. I personally don't mind standing if seats are scarce though!
  2. Patthecat

    Good news, Bad news, Stream news.

    Awesome, thanks for letting us know and good luck.
  3. Patthecat

    The Legitimacy of Control in TFH

    It all comes down to your preference, there has been a pro for each type of of usable controller out there. Using one over the other will not gimp you as long as you have mastery over that particular controller because whatever fits your hand the best will ultimately help you the best in the...
  4. Patthecat

    Killer instinct

    The Arbiter is really going to be a nice add. Considering that KI is an Xbox exclusive and that a lot of peeps got the Xbox for Halo proves to mean that he'll be a popular character and a great motivator for a lot of people to buy Season 3. (I know I'm excited!)
  5. Patthecat

    Street fighter

    Haha cool cool, my picture should be of a blue cat guy (the picture is tilted slightly). What's your steam ID, maybe I could add you instead.
  6. Patthecat

    The "What are you playing right now, and progress" Topic.

    Street Fighter 5, got to Silver rank so far~
  7. Patthecat

    Street fighter

    If anyone would like to play SFV together with a fellow Fœnum inhabitant then add me on Steam, ID = "Patthecat" (or message me here if you play on PS4!).
  8. Patthecat


    You forgot Warcraft
  9. Patthecat


    Shit was so cash
  10. Patthecat

    RWBY Discussion Thread

    Oh my, Rooster Teeth is not only doing Red vs Blue anymore? I'm so out of touch with them haha. I'll check it out for sure.
  11. Patthecat

    RWBY Discussion Thread

    What's RWBY?
  12. Patthecat

    Local TFH Matchup Finder (LTMF)

    SoCal boy reporting in~
  13. Patthecat

    Post your Desktop screens here

    I know right? When I saw it I was just like "I must see this everyday" Original Chrysalis Animated Version Chrysalis (Animated)
  14. Patthecat

    Post your Desktop screens here

    I quite like Chrysalis to here's my current one!
  15. Patthecat

    Figure/Toy Collection

    I'm jelly of your Fluttercord statue! Over the years I've collected some figures and what not of my favorite games/shows/whatever. Here's a few of them on one stand And also a few of my plushies (cause who doesn't love plushies amirite?)
  16. Patthecat

    Can we count to 100?

    Omg... IT'S GENIUS
  17. Patthecat

    Can we count to 100?

  18. Patthecat

    So Cal Thread

    Haha well you know I live in SoCal @Some Person, I've been hyped for this game (continuing over from FiM) for awhile, so any chance for local meet-up is fantastic news. I live in L.A. (Glendale area to be exact) and I'd be willing to travel as far as SD. I have family and friends their so I...
  19. Patthecat

    Your hopes and fears for TFH?

    My biggest fear is that the general interest for the game will die down after a year of it being released. Too many fighting games have fallen to this situation, I have a feeling it might happen again.
  20. Patthecat

    Question & Answer

    Hmm nope, I try and stay clear of any police at all times. Can you wiggle your ears without moving your forehead skin?