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  1. Nadia

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    Mhhh if they now add Simon Belmond in his Japanese and Western Design, the I could consider to buy a switch. ö.ö
  2. Nadia

    Can Paprika talk?

    She probably can, but she don't need to, the best way for her to share Love is with actions, not with words. ^.^
  3. Nadia

    Introducing the Cast of Them's Fightin' Herds

    Ok that was realy a suprise for me, I did not expected such well known voice actors. ö.ö
  4. Nadia

    Knick Knack - My Original Champion - Portrait Added!

    I like the concept, he looks realy cute. ^.^
  5. Nadia

    Them's Fightin' Herds Release Date Announced

    Oh Btw. Lauren tweeted. :arismile: I hope that brings many more people to the game. ^.^
  6. Nadia

    Them's Fightin' Herds Release Date Announced

    Oh some Gaming News Sites are also Posting the news now, but some of the comments... Ö_Ö Them's Fightin' Herds launches February 22nd on PC Indie fighter Them's Fightin' Herds releasing on February 22, 2018 Them's Fightin' Herds mule-kicks onto Steam later this month
  7. Nadia

    Them's Fightin' Herds Release Date Announced

    Sooo now I just need some Money then it will be mine... in two weeks. ö.ö
  8. Nadia

    Woo! We made it to February!

    I preffer a delayed game over a unfinished one.^^
  9. Nadia

    TFH at Frosty Faustings X

    Seems like the Moderators also realy enjoyed the game. ^^
  10. Nadia

    Thoughts about episodic release

    To be Honest I don't like episodic games that much. =/
  11. Nadia

    Let's settle it. Who is the most popular ungulate? [Beta Edition]

    I voted for Pom and her small Predator army...
  12. Nadia

    Ideas for the Pixel Lobbies.

    Steam maybe don't requires this kind of ratings, but valve tends to overeact about things that are not Legal, or things that valve just guesses are not Legal or not wanted in a particular region and puts freaking Geolocks on the games for no real reason.
  13. Nadia

    Ideas for the Pixel Lobbies.

    Not a fan of the betting, but I like the Idea for cheering.:ollielove:
  14. Nadia

    The "What are you playing right now, and progress" Topic.

    Mhhh not sure about that, I don't like to play completly powerless Characters in Games, I can stand something like that for a section of a game but not for the entire game.
  15. Nadia

    The "What are you playing right now, and progress" Topic.

    Sooo played Resident Evil Zero, beat the Main Game, Leach Hunter and Wesker Mode. :arismile3: Not sure what I want to play next. ö.ö
  16. Nadia

    Indie fighting games in development

    The Double Tap Engine seems to be death. ö.ö
  17. Nadia

    SUGGESTION: Huggin!

    FINISH HER! DUN DUN DUN HUGTALATY! :Paprika: To be serious, it could only work as a Special intro or something like that, or maybe a Special Time over Animation, but only if the players do something special lile "Dancing" until the round ends.^^
  18. Nadia

    Mortal Kombat

    Mh ok. :arishock2: Then let's go back to more Mortal Kombat, whats your Fav Mortal Kombat Oreo? :arismile:
  19. Nadia

    Mortal Kombat

    Don't want to play Mod here, but isn't the post technicaly against the "Keep it clean." Forumrule because of the fatalities in the vid? :arisilly:
  20. Nadia

    Lawyer Friendly Equines Discussion Thread.

    I looked at the trailer and I found something interesting at the Beginning, at 0:07 the Pink Pegasus with Blue Mane, could that be G1 Firefly?