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  1. PichiQaz

    Revison of Spectator mode

    Thank you guys, lets wait then for those improvements in the future. Wish ya'll the best.
  2. PichiQaz

    Revison of Spectator mode

    It happens sometimes that you are messing around in the pixel lobby when you see two of the best players of TFH aproaching each other. You can feel that the fight between those two will be remembered for Eons to come (or you are still just a noob and one of those is using your main character, so...
  3. PichiQaz

    Development Update - June 12, 2019

    Perhaps it will be part of the story mode being able to perform level 3 supers in certain situations to advance, or those three fetures are just in a list that does not represent a line of time in which they will finish them.
  4. PichiQaz

    Them’s Fightin’ Herds Frequently Asked Questions

    In the future when the game is beyond 1.0, will there be console versions? And in the case that there will be a conosle version, will it allow cross play? Would you guys put the game on any platform aviable after the game is done? (Consoles, psn, xbox live, whatever is the name of the online...
  5. PichiQaz

    Custom Fightsticks

    I used a standard phenolic sheet (copper and fiber glass) and the process of making the PCB was with a screen printing technique, in which you have to use a a screen that is made of a piece of mesh stretched over a frame: The mesh with the design in it (to put the design in the mesh, I go to a...
  6. PichiQaz

    Custom Fightsticks

    (The cardbox was temporal) And now that the electric part is finished, I can put together the MDF case and the buttons and this is the result: The blue one is going to be for a friend of mine, and I will keep the orange one. And paprika is in it: It took me some months finish it, but I did my...
  7. PichiQaz

    Custom Fightsticks

    Whatever custom Fightstick, decal, or any kind of TFH controler/hardware goes here. For the last months I've been working in a Fifghtstick because TFH is my first proper fighting game,and the first step was making the desighn in solid works of the case: Now the design is done, the MDF can be...
  8. PichiQaz

    No HUD in the tutorials

    • Location of Bug:The Tutorial section from single player. • Description: When geting inside the tutorial mode there is no HUD, which means the instructions can not be read (and the powerfull Olie can not transmit us her wisdom). • Screenshot: • Steps to reproduce 1.- First you have to go to...
  9. PichiQaz

    Aaron Stavely joins Mane6

    Im finally gonna be able to see the streams live from you guys, but where will they be? Youtube, twitch? Another streaming service? I wasn't there on the first streams, so I dont know.
  10. PichiQaz

    Unable to type into pixel lobby chat

    • Location of Bug: Pixel Lobby chat • Description: When I run TFH in winowed screen it uses a resolution of 1280x720, but as my computer is a little bit slow because of its age, the frame rate falls from time to time. TFH run better at a lower resolution of 1024x576, but if I go to the pixel...