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  1. RavenWolf

    Swipe a card game into TFH's theme!

    OK, the original game is this, I made some change in character cards and their ability to make it simpler, so does the design. The original one has no words describing their ability to makes players confuse. I already test with friends, and this version's role is much more easier to understand...
  2. RavenWolf

    Future Palettes

    Okay...Since someone mentions Megaman... Here's the HARDCORE MEGA. I also got pattern style from Garfield (CRANKY TABBY) and Peanuts (LAME LAMB).
  3. RavenWolf

    Extreme pattern broken

    Yesterday I opened training mode in Pixel Lobby, and used Oleander(Eastern) against dummy Pom(League). When I opened Combo trails, Pom turned into wired pattern Tianho, then This bug happened. Apparently, my character's pattern goes with my opponent. I tried to record how bad it is as much as...
  4. RavenWolf

    Salt Mine graphic broken

    When I was in the middle of Salt Mine, this graphic sucks happened BTW, in Salt Mine, when players raid inside with high level, you will bump into the same ungulate-enemy character with totally same color pattern in fighting mode. There is only one character absent: Pom. Unless I use Pom...