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  1. Borin

    The Fightin' Fœnatics, V2 (Updated 5/3/17: HIATUS IS OVAH!)

    We only have access to the Arizona Map. We would have to have Cam change the map back to the Old/Buggy Velvet Map.
  2. Borin

    How can TFH entice people?

    I personally think the best way to keep people excited for the game is the work streams that the devs had. We completely lost those when the beta was released and official support for the game is always welcome. The Devs always seemed really excited about their game and in turn it made me...
  3. Borin

    Them's Tourney Testers (TFH Online Tournament)

    Tourney has been Archived
  4. Borin

    Them's Tourney Testers (TFH Online Tournament)

    Alright. Tourney Starts in half an hour. Challonge here: Them's Tourney Testers - Challonge
  5. Borin

    Your own Intro/Outro dialouge

    Intro :Velvet: - SNOW me your moves! Outro :Velvet:- Have an ICE day!
  6. Borin

    Them's Tourney Testers (TFH Online Tournament)

    I am using Challonge for the bracket. Simply you have to be the in Backers' Beta to get to the pixel lobby. Because how are you supposed to play the game if you don't have it?
  7. Borin

    Them's Tourney Testers (TFH Online Tournament)

    Hello. I'm Boring Borin and I've got something for the Beta Backers. Challonge: Them's Tourney Testers - Challonge I'll will be holding a TFH Tournament the 21st of October at 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM PST). This is a Double Elimination Tournament. There is a prize of a $20 Steam Card for...
  8. Borin

    Velvet Combo Video

    Made a video showing off some of Velvet's Combos.
  9. Borin

    Backers' Beta NDA lifted

    If it's for the forums, check out this thread: Backer Status forum privileges Make sure you used the email that you backed with.
  10. Borin

    Backers' Beta NDA lifted

    Check out this thread: How to Find and Redeem your Beta key in 12 easy steps That should help you out.
  11. Borin

    Boring Borin's TFH Stream

    It's just Place holder text. They also have AVeryLongName to help test. Nothing to worry about.
  12. Borin

    Boring Borin's TFH Stream

    Archive Posted.
  13. Borin

    On Pre-NDA lift Patches

    Those cheeky... bloody.... beautiful people.
  14. Borin

    Boring Borin's TFH Stream

    Hello, I'm Boring Borin and I am a Velvet main. My Stream is I will try to be streaming everything Thursday and Saturday from 5 PM EST (2 PM PST). My normal streams will consist of me playing matches and hanging out with people in the pixel lobby. I will let you guys know if any events...
  15. Borin

    Made a Stick

    Once I got all the parts, it took me a good 7 hours. I still need to work on wire management. Prep work was like, a good 5 hours tho.
  16. Borin

    Made a Stick

  17. Borin

    An actual Ebvert's TFH art thread

    This is AWESOME! :arilove:Thank you so much Ebvert!
  18. Borin

    Forum Improvements log

    This awesome!, there a way we can get jump icon too?
  19. Borin

    The Legitimacy of Control in TFH

    I think This Video is very useful. The guy explains things like this very well.